Thursday, March 31, 2011

Liza's Hair Guide for Spring 2011

Now that winter is practically over and we are heading into spring, I thought it was the perfect time to do a hair care post. Most of our tresses are dull and damaged from the horrible winter wind and below freezing temps... time to change that! I am SO ready for everything and anything spring and looking at some of my favorite hairstyles and hair products totally got me in the mood! Below I made a collage of some of my favorite do's for the upcoming season, as well as a little guide of some of my personal favorite hair care products and tools. Hope you guys enjoy! Oh and click on this link make it better to check out an article my sister, Jenny, recently wrote for "make it better" magazine on her favorite at- home hair protectants! XO, Liza

My hair stylist, Amy recently recommended this product to me and so far, I have been loving it! Since I use a lot of heat on my hair when I style it, this not only moisturizes it, but helps protects my strands from all the excessive blow drying and flat ironing I end up doing. Kerastase truly makes the best hair care products out there. No doubt!

If you are in the market for a new flat iron, I highly suggest you try this one out. Not only is it nice and lightweight, but it moves easily through the hair without getting caught like other styling tools. Oh and did I mention that it shuts off after 30 minutes if you are not using it? What a bonus! I always used to worry about not turning my flat iron off when I left my apartment... Now I never have to think about it! 

My sister first got this hair dryer and right when I tried it, I knew I HAD to have it. There is nothing more annoying that standing around and drying your hair for what seems like forever, but with the T3 Featherweight, you are literally done in a few minutes... no joke. It also makes your hair feel beyond smooth and soft. No frizz whatsoever.

This spray ultimately adds that shine you are always lusting for after styling your hair. People at the salons swear by it. Aquage Beyond Shine also creates a humidity-resistant barrier so your hair won't poof when it's muggy outside.

Last but not least, I thought I'd throw in my favorite brand of shampoos and conditioners. Yes they are on the pricey side, but they are honestly the best. A few years ago, I was getting frustrated, as my usual shampoos and conditioners were making me break out. I started using these though and that all went away. This Italian brand of hair care comes in a variety of different formulas. My fave is the Momo, which contains arugula extract for dry hair. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Ran Away to Palm Springs

No, I literally did. John and I desperately needed a relaxing weekend outside of smoggy, traffic filled Los Angeles. Even though we live at the base of the Hollywood Hills where it is quiet and tranquil, it does not excuse us from the insanity that "is" Hollywood right below us. It has been raining here for weeks and we had had enough! This is not why I moved to LA! Where is my sunshine? Feeling awkwardly pale with my new blonde hair, I thought I had the best chance of soaking up a quick tan in the desert.  Napa was our first option and we had originally booked a hotel room there. Wine all weekend? Duh. But once we realized these irritating storms were also happening up in Napa, I quickly changed our reservations to Le Parker Meridien Palm Springs. Several people had highly recommended this stunning hotel and spa to me, so I was very curious to go check it out! Our closest friends Alfy and Jenna soon caught word of our travel plans and decided to pop out and meet us there. Our stay turned into a magical relaxing weekend with loads of gourmet food, champagne, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, and delicious down comforters. Just a few of my favorite things!  Here below are some of our memories captured with my new baby Canon that John gave me for my birthday (obsessed). I think I''ll keep him and the camera. Hope you're all well loves!

X. Jewls

My new child.
 The road trip begins. I have my navigation set and we have mixes made! Time to sing like idiots in the car. I live for it!
 We've reached Palm Springs! This is the closest we get to snow here. Ha!
 I love this photo. There is something so rural 40's western cowboy about it.
 Finally in our room! I never want to get out of this bed. 
 Pelly anyone?
 Our breakfast right after we arrive. Mimosa, Bloody Mary and little smoothie shots. I was happy.

 On our way back through the maze of gardens after breakfast, John and I stumbled on a lawn with hammocks. We were content and full, so we decided to snuggle up and swing for a while.
 Spinning around in fresh cut grass feels so good!
 Outfit Details: San Diego Hat Company Hat, Luella Sunglasses, Rachel Pally Cardigan, Wildfox "Girly Girl" Tank, Hanky Panky Bralette,  Riller and Fount Drop Harem Pants, LD Tuttle Crochet Boots, Various Noir, Shashi and Chanel Jewelry.
 Time for dinner.

 Outfit Details: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sweater, Ai for Ai Silk Blouse, Marithe and Francois Girbaud Jeans, Shashi and Presh stacked Bracelets, LD Tuttle Boots, Chanel Handbag.
 Lobby of The Parker. I want that Drugs sign in my apartment. How amazing is it?
 At the lemonade stand bright and early the next morning. Of course we got lemonade with champagne in it. If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do. It was delicious!
 Adore him.
 Outfit Details: Fluer Wood Striped Silk Romper, Cazal Sunglasses, Marc Bernstein Leather and Mesh Gold Wrap Bracelet.
 Pretending to know how to play chess with Jenna. 
 My love + my stack of magazines + pool + sunshine = perfection!
I want to go back now.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Designer Spotlight: RiSE

Jewls and I always love featuring cutting edge, up-and-coming designers, so it was super exciting when our friend, Joel, approached us with his contemporary t-shirt line, RiSE. Made with eco-friendly, water based inks on Alternative Apparel shirts, each RiSE tee is hand-screened by local artists, featuring four different graphics: FADE, DUST, LOVE, and RISE. We are totally loving these innovative soft as butter tees.  Joel's concept is simple, yet imaginative, and I love designers and brands that are devoted to handcrafting their own pieces. Check out RiSE's other t-shirts on their website, Jewls and I are both wearing the LOVE tees below. Hope you all had a great weekend... we definitely did! ;) XO, Liza and Jewls

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Kreativ and Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys. I Live For It has now received three of these blogger awards so we would like to take the time and award some of our favorites. A big thank you to, Miss Pepper Vintage, The Vanity Lair, and A Random Fashionholic for giving us these awards! We've reached over 400 followers now and want to thank every single one of your for being a part of this! We love all of you!

X. Jewls and Liza

To give this award, we must link the people who gave it to us. List seven fun facts that you guys may not know about us and then list seven bloggers we feel deserve these awards and let them know they have received it.


1. We met in gym class during high school at age 16. We had swimming that week and both had brought in excuses from our doctors so we wouldn't have to get in the gross pool. We had spent three hours straightening our hair that morning?! Duh. We instantly knew we were soulmates.

2. Confession. Every morning of junior year in high school, we would drive to Starbucks to get Venti Mocha Frapuccinos WITH WHIP. Keep in mind, this was before they offered any sort of "light" frappuccino. Beyond unhealthy. Ew.

3. Every time we would break up with one of our two week long boyfriends, we would drive by our exs houses belting out "Without You" by the Dixie Chicks.  We weren't kidding. There were tears.

4. Every morning I would pick up Liza for school. I lived behind it so we would come back to my house and style each other. From headbands all the way down to our shoes, we were always decked... Even if it was just for Biology. Once we looked perfect, we would come downstairs for an exquisite breakfast cooked by my mom and she would french braid our hair. 

5. Junior year we had 7th period math together. Our teacher separated us like kindergartners and wouldn't allow us to sit next to each other for the rest of the year because we wouldn't shut up and stop putting make-up on each other. From then on, when our teacher turned her back to write on the chalk board, Liza and I would toss my mini Herve Chapelier bag full of Lancome Juicy Tubes across the classroom to each other. Ha! We were obsessed!!!

6. Living behind school had it's perks. We used my geographical location as a way to get Liza's mom to let her sleepover on week nights. We would do our homework, watch Dawson's Creek, and dance for hours up in my room to Boy George's "The Crying Game".  My mom would always end up coming in to check on us because we would be screaming laughing (Pictured below, 5th down). Notice the teenage photo collages on my wall! Bahaha!

7. To this day, we feel like we understand each other better than anyone. We are more than best friends. We are sisters. Friends and boyfriends have come and gone, but our friendship has been our one and only constant. We have seen each other through so many hardships and joys. We hold hands through every event that life throws at us. It's hard to find good girlfriends.  We are so lucky to have had each other all these years because we have never had to look for anything more!  It's a rarity to have a best friend you can cycle with, cry with, laugh with, be silent with, gossip with, be really mad about something with, tell secrets to and know they'll take it to the grave. We can do all these things with each other and always come out the other end hysterically laughing.

Best friends for ten years and still going strong...  Here are some old snaps from ages 16 to about 22.

And the Kreativ Blogger award goes to.... (drumroll, please)

And the Versatile Blogger award goes to... (drumroll, please)

Congratulations loves!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hats Off!

Although I don't wear them alllll the time, I will admit that hats are definitely one of my top favorite accessories. They always complete the outfit you are wearing and just add that extra little "oomph." The icing on the cake! There are a TON of cute new ones on the market right now, but I think I have found the absolute perfect headpieces out there. Six fashion forward unique hats that are sure to make a statement. Is it crazy that I want every single one? Gah! Check them all out below! XO, Liza

Rag & Bone Kingsley Hat- Such a fabulous hat. I love the size, as it's bigger then a fedora, but smaller then your typical floppy hat. Available here in olive green for $160.

 Eugenia Kim Kurt Rope Trimmed Panama Hat- This is the perfect one for the upcoming season, as well as that vacation I have been dying to take! I would probably put this on after I've had too much sun on my face for the day... Not to mention it would look beyond adorable with my Missoni bikini. ;) Available for $260 at NET-A-PORTER.

Melissa Odabash Jemima Woven Sunhat- How chic would this big floppy hat look with a little crochet cover-up and a pair of Havaianas? I can see it now! Definitely wearable too with a cropped tank and jean cut offs for the daytime. Available here for $120.

Anda and Masha Anita Hat- This one is kind of my new obsession! I saw it a few weeks ago and then remembered it again today when I decided to do a hat post. I am in love with the feather and beaded tassel. A perfect hat in my eyes if you ask me... Available at Singer 22 for $297.

 Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Tom Petty Hat- Ahh... This one kills me! The Rodarte for Opening Ceremony collaboration is absolutely unreal. Every single piece in that collection is pure perfection and this hat just completes it. If only it weren't SO expensive! Available at Opening Ceremony for $460.

Maison Michel for Opening Ceremony Rabbit Beret- I think I honestly saved the best for last! I wiiiiish this little beret wasn't a fortune. $390. Sigh..... well it is amazing. If you look closely, you'll even see that the little bunnies on the hat are trimmed in lace and sequins. Too cute. Available here for $390.,,

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