Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shoot of the Day: Ashley Smith for Jalouse

This shoot adequately sums up my mood today. You really can't beat having some fantastic lingerie on accompanied by a "way too big for you" voluminous wooly mammoth coat. There is something so Elizabeth Taylor and epic about the look. I live for it.

Photographed by: Edouard Plongeon

Styled by: Anne Sophie Thomas

X. Jewls

This shot is so stunning. I really can't stand it. The lighting, the luggage, the headband, her leg and the pump. So gorgeous.

I love her hair all messed up and dangling in her face and don't EVEN get me started on how stunning the lingerie is in this shot. Ohhhhhh... I need it all to breathe.

Clean, fresh, and she literally has cleaning supply in her skirt.

Gluttony in a kick ass fur. Amazing.

This looks so good to me right now. I want to take off on a boat. Let's go!

Becoming one with the bed... and that coat. I'm jealous of the relationship. I want in.


Item of the Day: Henrik Vibskov Knot Palace Cardi

Obsessed. The end.

X. Jewls

La Garconne nailed it. I would wear it just like this.

The little white balls sewn on it kill me. So little girl and adolescent looking.

I love how that thin little pop of grey bleeds into all the other colors.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just Because...

I have had these pictures sitting on my desktop for quite some time now, so I thought I would share a favorite shoot of mine with my favorite model, Cintia Dicker. Unbelievably gorgeous, isn't she? She is so unique looking and has that perfect mix of high fashion and sexiness. I also decided to throw it an old video of her being interviewed backstage at a show. She is so sweet and shy! Aww! XO, Liza

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Item of the Day: Osborn Shoes

So how chic and refreshing are these little babies? Aaron Osborn launched his shoe line in 2009 out of Guatemala after meeting an out of work cobbler while doing charitable work there. He was inspired and decided to make a collection of handcrafted shoes outside of the city in the volcanic mountains (sounds awesome... I want to go work there?!?!) The company consists of 20 shoe makers and each pair of shoes are signed by whoever made them. That makes for a pretty personal shoe! I live for it! These shoes are beyond adorable and the patterns are endlessly darling. Check out my top picks below and to see more go to OsbornDesign. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

X. Jewls

Black Velvet Booties

I love the little polka dots on these.

Electric Blue Wool Booties

I can't pick a favorite! I need them all!

Velvet Jazzies. So sweet. I love these.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Designer Spotlight: With Hearts in my Eyes

One of my favorite go to online shopping sites is Cali based, Bonadrag. From Jeffrey Campbell wedges to a hand dyed floor length Lindsey Thornburg dress, every piece on this site is amazing. It is very rare I say that as I am very picky, but I feel the buyers of Bonadrag are spot on. I'd have to say though my favorite line they carry is called With Hearts in my Eyes. Sold exclusively at Bonadrag, the label is designed AND handmade by their assistant buyer and stylist, Hannah. I recently just received the velvet pants and skinny bra I ordered and I must say, I am in love! Check them out and a few of my other faves from With Hearts in my Eyes below! XO, Liza

Black Crushed Velvet Pants- How frigin cute are these? I really am tired and over my latex leggings and I felt these would be the perfect replacement! Not only are they super flattering and comfortable, but they go with practically everything. I love that they have a fold over waistband as well. I highly recommend them!

Skinny Bra- Since I don't need a ton of support, this bra is perfect for me! Hahahaha. It's really great though underneath anything and I love how it looks with an open back top or a racerback tank (shown here). Oh and the little studs on the straps too? Perfection.

Lace Crop Top- Adorable little tee huh... I would wear this with a pair of J Brand skinny jeans or some high waisted shorts. Very reasonable too at $85.

Striped Rosie Top and Black Velvet Lorie Shorts- This top is pretty awesome, but the shorts are calling my name! I was crushing on the Winter Kate velvet shorts for a while, but these ones are way better. I love how they have a zipper in the back.

Mary Jean Dress- This is just so so pretty. I love the length of it. It would definitely show off a killer pair of boots and the back of the dress is to die for as well.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

MOCA Los Angeles Gala

All of Hollywood's fashionistas were out last night at the MOCA Los Angeles Gala and they all looked absolutely beautiful... decked in Chanel of course! Everyone looked impeccable, but I did have a top fave. Check out the pictures below. XO, Liza

Kirsten Dunst- Although it is quite simple, I think this dress is my favorite out of the bunch! It reminds me of something from the 1920's... something that Daisy Buchanan from "The Great Gatsby" would wear. I adore it. Her short hair is perfect with it too.

Ginnifer Goodwin- This is pretty stunning. The bottom is fabulous and I really love that neckline. Ginnifer is one of the few in Hollywood that can pull off that haircut because she has such a pretty face.

Rachel Bilson- Meh. I really can't stand this girl. I hate to be mean, but when is the last time she has been in something? She is ALWAYS at all the events getting photographed and I can't figure out why? Kind of strange...but her dress was pretty awesome I must admit. It's not everyones cup of tea, but I think all the details on it are magnificent. Her hair looks pretty, but it may have been nice if she had worn a low chignon with that dress.

Mila Kunis- Love her, but I'm not sure I am completely sold on the dress. Mila always looks gorgeous though. So pretty and I love her vibrant personality.

Kate Bosworth- Really... when does Kate Bosworth not look perfect? She always hits it out of the ballpark when it comes to fashion. She has such great street style in addition to when she has to dress up for events.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale- I love these two together. They are such a great couple. Always perfectly polished and chic. Gavin looks hip and handsome, while Gwen looks effortlessly cool. Love her style.


If I Were in LA...

So Jewls and I were talking the other day and well... it is definitely time for me to make a trip out to LA to visit. It has been almost two years since I have been and I do kind of miss the city, but I especially miss Juliana! Therefore, I made up an outfit I would wear there during the day lunching and shopping around with my best friend. Threw in a trusty pair of Lanvins, killer Karen Walker shades, and some amaaazing jewelry to top it off. :) XO, Liza

If I were in LA...


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Only Cute Sweaters Allowed...

Ok, so it is officially "cold" in LA... Meaning it is "nippy". Regardless, in my past four years of living here, I have found that my sweaters become my winter jackets all season long. I need a lot of variety and I am in dire need of a new slew of perfectly plucked little pieces! It's crucial, so here are my top picks. Lize and I both tend to always go from one extreme to another... Mixing our lady-like elegance with our rock punk experimental edge. I feel my picks below show a perfect range of exactly that. Hope you are all doing fantastic and have a wonderful weekend!

X. Jewls

My top pick. Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Soldier Sweater. I would wear this until it fell apart.

The stripes in the back? The tuxedo tailoring? Ugh, it murders me...

Rachel Comey Twofer Cardigan.

My second favorite pick. Edun Drape Side Cardigan. This piece is exquisite in every way. The folds and the sheerness of the wool. I cannot get enough. It executes that perfect slouchy/sexy that I pretty much always do.

So killer.

Another Vivienne Westwood Gold Label. So stunning.

Karen Walker Loopy Cardigan. Ahhh, it's like a little lamb! Lize, you need this.

Rachel Comey Eyelash Swing Top Sweater. This is so sweet and little girlish. Gotta have a few of these laying around.

Kimberly Ovitz Hendron Leather Cardigan. Bad ass, innovative, and sort of jailbird. I am definitely into this one. Love it.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Mongolia Knitwear Sweater. So King Kong! I love this! Ah, with little black tap shorts, sheer tights and a killer boot?!?! Hell yeah! I love this piece.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Item of the Day: Balenciaga Ankle Wedges

I was in the Barney's shoe department about a week ago with my mom and when I spotted these insane Balenciaga ankle wedges, let me tell you.... I could NOT stop thinking about them alllll day. They look amazing in the picture, so you can only imagine what it's like to hold them. Hahahaha I sound like a shoe psycho, but really... these shoes are unreal. Not only do I love the wooden wedge, but the little buckle on the ankle? To die for. Before I checked the bottom of the shoe for the price, I must say I was scared... they had to be at LEAST $1200. Well, they are $995. Expensive, but not over the top like a pair of Alaias or Givenchys. So I was somewhat relieved. Ha! I do have a very hard time saving my money though, as the minute I see something I like, I buy it. On the other hand, these booties are really worth saving up every single penny. XO, Liza


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Vivetta

As you guys know, Jewls and I are always on the hunt for up and coming designers that you can't find at every other store. Vivetta, one that I discovered recently on uber chic Australian online boutique, Maximillia, had me at a loss for words. Based out of Italy, Vivi Ponti, who designs under the name Vivetta, is inspired by all things, whether it be the sixties or an old lampshade... Yes a simple lampshade served as her vision for her S/S 2010 collection! Love it. What I love even more though is her Velvet Giuditta dress! Velvet is definitely a must have trend at the moment and this little number is beyond darling. Check it out and a few of her other designs below! XO, Liza


This one is pretty darn cute too!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Item of the Day: Marni Lace Up Socks

Ummm how amazing are these everyone? Designer for Marni, Consuelo Castiglioni was obviously inspired by pointe shoes when designing these socks. I could not love that more since I was a ballerina for many years. Throw them on with a plain pump or wedge and you are all set! I would totally invest in these at $82 a pair, but I really do have a lot of ballet-inspired footwear, whether they are my Capezio studded ballet slippers, the Givenchy criss cross wedges, or my Bloch red patent leather tie up flats. Oh yeah and my Chanel criss cross tights! Agh! Oh well. Maybe I will leave it to Jewls to get these because one of us must have them! XO, Liza


Friday, November 5, 2010

Black Listed

Web site spotlight: IDONTLIKEMONDAYS.US

I love love love this site. I am in a head to toe black mood today so here is my fantasy outfit. At times it feels so refreshing to just wear all black. It is simple, clean, chic, and with an unexpected silhouette, it has a strange classiness to it... And in a messy, overproduced, provoked, premeditated, miscellaneous outfit trend around us... sometimes it's just nice to go ALL monochromatic! Hope you're all fab and have a good weekend!

X. Jewls

Pepper Pistol Tunic. $565. This piece is sick.

Improvd Wool Coat. I want to snatch this for winter. (In LA. Ha, if you can even say that). Whatever, I want this coat. The construction is unreal. $319.

Vibe Johansson Suede Zip Pants. Ok, these... I am in pain about. You can zip and reveal however much suede as you please. These are killer. They are actually shown with the Pepper Pistol Tunic above which I just noticed. I would wear these to death. I need need need these!!!! Such a great basic. $381.

Jeffery Campbell Bal-Nu Flat Boot. I feel like a punky witch would wear these. Ha. Great with jeans, tights and a dress, knee highs and a skirt, thermals and a big fabulous overcoat. Ugh, the possibilities are endless. They would be a surprise pop into any outfit. A definite must have. $229.

Barbara Gongini Fur Bag. Creepy, but amazing. This is a great alternative when you don't want to have to hold a clutch all night long. Such a nice new take on a fur bag. I am into it. $152.

Lady Grey Ring. So me. I want it now. $132.

Barbara Gongini. This ring is made out of recycled rubber. Bahaha! I love it! So fabulous and fun! $77.
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