Friday, April 30, 2010

If I Had a Black AmEx Tonight....ZIMMERMAN Silk and Satin Dress

Soooo.... if I had it... it would be ON tonight... my body... that is... the clothes... I want ALL of this. NOW!

X. Jewls

Shoot of the Day: Sasha Pivovarova for Numero Magazine

This is one of my favorite shoots of all time... AND she has on my Balenciaga sunglasses!

Happy Friday guys!

X. Jewls

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'll take that A.P.C. Romper Please

Not quite ready to boycott flannel after this baby popped up on La Garconne... Loving this APC Romper. A great run around piece. And the Benot Missolin headband... Ohhhhhh.

X. Jewls
My Comfy Flannel Coffee Mood Today

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Melanie Laurent for Elle France

After seeing Inglorious Basterds for the first time the other night, I had to find out what Melanie Laurent, the actress who played Shoshanna, was all about. Turns out she is quite the fashionista! More on her later, but I found this adorable video of her shoot for Elle France on Youtube. Is she not the cutest most gorgeous thing you have ever seen? Love love love. XO, Liza

Givenchy Shoes Spring 2010

Honestly... I have never ever been this obsessed with a pair of shoes in a while. Ok, the last time was probably last spring when I fell in love with the Givenchy criss cross wedges. I was a lucky lucky girl and happened to get them at a fabulous price once they went on sale. But these wedges this season are absolutely SICK. I particularly love the first pair, but the others I wouldn't mind having either. Problem is... they are all over a grand. Let's pray these babies make it to sale because they are calling my name. XO, Liza


Beautiful. These would probably get dirty super quick, but they are amazing.

These may be massive wedges, but who cares. They are incredible.

Love the combination of the studs and the little ankle strap.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Loree Rodkin Knuckle Rings

Ok, so this knuckle ring madness obviously had to begin somewhere and it was all Loree Rodkin. I was at my best guy friend's house last weekend for a party and bumped into an acquaintance of ours who is a little bit of a gazillionaire... and she had on two of these on her right hand. My mouth dropped as I walked up to her to do the obligatory LA air kiss and hug ...then grabbed her hand and said "These are NOT Loree Rodkin!? Are they?" She goes, "Yeah, I have like 14 of these... a little collection." I go, "You realize you have a year of college tuition on your right hand. Your nuts." She laughed hysterically and goes "I know. I am sick." Ughhhh!!! They look a little cheap in photos, but they really are breathtaking in person. I kind of died all over myself silently and had to go have a moment in the bathroom and feel bad about being a broke 25 year old. Ahhhhh. These rings literally start at $13,000 and range up to $26,000. Here are some snaps of Loree's work.

X. Jewls

Of course MK would have like ten of these, but she pulls it off best.


Heidi doesn't really pull it off for me, but these rings are some of my very favorites.

Ozzy... Haha! And she is sporting the Pamela Love that Liza and I are drooling over.

So gorgeous.


Jewelry Designer Spotlight: House Of Waris

As you can see from all our of posts, Jewls and I are BIG jewelry people. We are always on the lookout for new different pieces that are unique and unlike anything out there. That is why I adore House of Waris, made by jewelry designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia. Born in India, Ahluwalia came to the United States at the age of five and was raised in Brooklyn, New York. Based mostly out of the Big Apple, Waris frequently travels to his birthplace, where his jewelry is made. His pieces were first taken notice by the owners of the luxury mecca, Maxfield's in Los Angeles. Well of course! His stuff is absolutely gorgeous, as is EVERYTHING in that store. Not to mention he is a close friend of movie director, Wes Anderson, and appears in a number of his films. Love this guy and his stunners of necklaces and rings. Check out my top favorite designs of his. XO, Liza

Waris Ahluwalia himself.

I posted this necklace a few months back and I still am absolutely crazy about it. Although it is beyond expensive and will forever be out of my price range, it's fun to look at, right? Exactly.

House of Waris Love Conquers All Ring- Made of 18K yellow gold, this hand-engraved ring is simple, yet stunning.

This brass ring with flames and black diamonds is absurd!!! Wow, would I love to have this on my hand right now...,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mismatched Punk on a Beach

This is totally my mood today.

X. Jewls
Punk on a Beach

Ready to Pop on a Flight to Cabo

Ahh, a girl can dream of being on a beach during an otherwise dull Monday morning, right? Ok, so with that being said... I am definitely planning a summer vacay to Mexico with John. Now all I need is to convice Lize and Angel to come too. I need a breather from LA soooo bad! This is about how I'd look and I really do take that many maggies with me.

X. Jewls
Ready to Pop on a Flight to Cabo

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Designer Spotlight: twentysevennames

I always get super excited when I find new lines I love, whether I discover them on other bloggers sites or in magazines. I was browsing through the blog, Studded Hearts and came across the brand, twentysevennames. After looking through a bunch of the photos from the current lookbook, I had to make a post about this adorable line. Very Erin Wasson meets Alexa Chung, there are plenty of super cute dresses I would loooove to own! Unfortunately, the line is currently only sold in Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK (typical)... but thankfully there are a few online sites that are carrying twentysevennames. Soooo check it out! XO, Liza

This dress is very very Erin Wasson... love it.

I NEED this whole outfit. It screaaaams me! It would so be a perfect throw on for the summer.

Love oversized blouses that you can wear either as a top or a dress.

Simple pretty slip dress. Love it with a black bra underneath.

Awww... such a sweet little dress.,

Weekly Shopping Picks from

Couple of pieces I have my eye on this week... 

X. Jewls

Timo Weiland (Loving this designer right now). I reaaaaally want this dress, but it's $583.

Timo Weiland

Surface to Air. Adore these sleeves.

Tsumori Chisato Leggings.

The pocket and the little heart on the belt line kills me.

Tsumori Chisato. I love how it looks like a cardigan with a tee under it. So adorable.

Always love tees with tails.

Timo Weiland Shorts

Shoot of the Day: Anja Rubik for Numero Magazine

HOT. Love her with short hair. Happy Sunday everyone!

X. Jewls

Friday, April 23, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos

Peter and Christopher met at Antwerp's prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. They have since partnered up and really took off in 09 at London Fashion Week. One of my girlfriend's works for Rihanna's stylist, so while visiting her and browsing the many amazing pieces, I saw tons of Peter Pilotto. Rihanna is a huge fan and seeing the garments in person made me go nuts... they are exquisite. Kate Bosworth, Amanda Seyfried, and Olivia Palermo are also fans. Here are some snaps from his last two runways shows.

X. Jewls

Adorable coat.

LOVE this dress.

One of my favorites. Leave it to Kate to wear the best one.


She is so cute.

Always ladylike.

I love the third over. Agh killer.

I need this skirt right now. SO stunning. I can't stand it.

ADORE the dress on the far left. His colors are incredible.
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