Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Travel Post: Las Vegas

Last weekend my other best girlfriend, Christina, and her boyfriend, Tim, were in town. The four of us enjoyed a few days here in LA having a massive slumber party together and then we road tripped out to Vegas for the weekend. While John and I enjoyed a delicious suite at The Palms, Christina and Tim scored a suite at the brand new Cosmopolitan since his band, The Whigs, were performing there. It was fantastic because we got to enjoy both hotels. Double rooms, pools, restaurants, clubs, and spas! Of course, I would never leave town without my baby Canon 5d to snap some rad travel pics. So without further adieu... here they are! Happy short week, lover heads.

X. Jewls

 Snuggling John at the Bamboo Pool at The Cosmopolitan. 
 Back at my place in LA having a BBQ.
 Whipping up guacamole and steak salad for all of my lovers.
 All our boys... John, Tim, and kitty Omar.
 Enjoying some drinks with Christina before laying out.
Laughing hysterically. 
 So gorgeous.
 Afternoon sun with some of my favorite people on the planet.

 After all, she is a model. I had to snap a few of that perfect little face of hers. ;)
Dance, Dance!
 View from the room at night.  Ridiculous. 
 The Bellagio lights!!!
John's and my room at The Palms. Ugh, LOVE. I want to go back and roll around in that bed.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, Lovers!!! Yay! Don't we all adore days off? I keep a massive archive of photos that inspire me on hand so I decided to dig through them and find some "day off-esque" photos for us to enjoy. I hope you all have a blast today! Hugs and kisses!

X. Jewls

   Road tripping with girlfriends is the best!!!
Zooey Deschanel looking darling in one of Liza's and my favorite shoots.
Wildfox ad kid pool. Adore this.
 Soakin' up the sun!
Ah, if only the ocean was warm right now here in LA!
Ahh, reading on a cabana. Looks good to me. (I spy Liza's polarized Chanel sunglasses.)
 Sleeping in all day with your loved one. This is pretty much what I have been doing all weekend. ;)
 Biking. Wish I had a bike! If I did, I would want to look as dope as this chick! I am obsessed with this photograph.
 Abbey Lee looking perfect running around at the beach.
 Those bloomer shorts? The lighting in this photo? Killer. I love this shot.
So bad ass.
 If I ever hitchhiked, I would wear this too. Bahaha.
I'll never get over these pants. E.V.E.R.
 So juvenile. I live for this.
Pigging out on terrible junk food. A perfect thing to do on a day off!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jewls Memorial Day Outfit Must Haves

Ahhh, the weekend is finally here. It feels so good, doesn't it? A four day weekend... so delicious. Well, that means four days of cute outfits. Especially a super duper cute one for Monday. Whether you're gonna be poolside, beachside, or at a BBQ, I have put together several cute items that will have people turning their heads saying, "ah, you have the best style!" I mean, who doesn't want to hear that? I also love how ALL of our favorite websites are offering 20% off for the holiday. Not that it would get shipped in time, but it is definitely making this little consumer wanna spend her pay check! From rompers, tops, shorts, skirts, shoes, swimsuits, jewelry, and sunglasses... I hope you guys find some inspiration here when putting your ensembles together! Happy weekend to all of our darling readers!

X. Jewls

 Siam Ruffle Down Romper, $86. Lize, we need to order this now. This one is for my more ladylike experimental girlies out there. Ahhhh, how cute is this!!!!!!
Crocheted Scalloped Crop Top, $72. Uh, hey cuteness. Over a bright bikini and a tan tummy?! Done!
Joshua Tree Inn Sunnies, $48. Cheap, huge, and ridiculously cute. I am so grabbing these. Lize and I spend gross amounts of money on shades, but it is always good to have some cheapies around to wear in the pool. 
One Teaspoon Blue Leather Shorts, $174. THESE ARE NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST! A little more on the pricey side I know, but I would wear the immortal *#&$*#& out of these! I am not ready to stop wearing my leather pieces. I don't care if it is 90 degrees out, I am going to be wearing these.
These are unreal.

 FINSK Bandage Wedge, $404. Oak NYC has a 20% off sale on all their shoes and bags this weekend! Get it, get it ladies! These shoes murder my soul. Lize and I have been obsessed with Finsk for ages. I wish they didn't cost a third of my rent.
The back of these are killer. Ugh, I can't talk about it. How obnoxiously sick would these be with my dream leather shorts above??? Oh yeah, and with the cropped crocheted top? I can't deal with the visions that are swirling around in my head right now.
Floral Denim Shorts, $89. I don't know about you guys but I am craving some white denim in my wardrobe this season like crazy! Short prices have sky rocketed though, and it is depressing me and my checking account! These are white, have flowers, and are under $100! Sold!
L.O.V.E. the print.
Zimmerman Thistle Weave Triangle Bikini, $205. I have such a hard time finding bathing suits that I like. The cut, the prints... gah, I find most of them so utterly cheesy. This one is so sexy and different. I really want this bikini!
Leviticus Climb Ring Bracelet, $34. Just to be dramatic. I mean, Leviticus Jewelry is fun for that! Their whole entire website is 40% off right now so it is a fantastic time to scoop up a pile of fun costume jewelry!
Lace Beige Maxi Skirt, $52. Paired with a cropped ripped up black thrift store tank and wedges. Done and done.
Santa Monica Flip Glasses, $18. Yes, you read that right. They flip up into optical glasses. The perfect combo of nerdy chic. 
Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Halter One Piece, $345. For my girls who are rocking the one piece trend this summer. This is a sick choice. Rodarte is just murdering everything this season. I know this one is super expensive, but I would fully wear this as a unitard as well. It would look unreal worn under cut off shorts and high waisted skirts too! Love love love this bathing suit!

Jeffrey Campbell Zag Platform Wedge, $175. Oh my soul, are you kidding me? Yessssss! These are hysterical!!! I would so wear these! Long live the 70's! Paired with a sheer blouse over a bikini, cut offs, and a massive sun hat... kiiiiiiller. These are for sure on my list of summer must haves.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photographer Spotlight: Cass Bird

Cass Bird is such an influential photographer. I have been following her work for years and can just about spot her work anywhere now. She is based out of Brooklyn, New York and is regularly featured in The New York Times "T" Magazine, Interview, Paper, Details, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, ID, Dazed and Confused, Monopol, and Nylon. ID and Dazed and Confused are two of my favorite magazines because they never fail for an incredible "editorial flip through". I adore seeing her shoots in there and have a massive stack next to my bed that my man is constantly begging me to get rid of. I can't! They are keepsakes! As I continue to educate, sharpen and hone my own skills with photography, Cass is a woman I most certainly admire. She has such an uncanny ability to capture genuine moments. I imagine shooting with her would be like hanging out with a good friend because her pictures feel so intimate and comfortable. I hope to be able to capture that same feel with my own photography. I featured an amazing shoot from Cass a year ago out of Dossier Journal with her buddy, Daria Werbowy (yeah, we've heard of her, right?). That shoot is still in my top five all time favorite shoots... so be sure to check it out! You can also check out her rad blog at cassbird.tumblr.com. Yep, she's a tumblr gal. Guess we all need one. ;) Happy Wednesday, loves. I can't wait for this week to be over so we can get on with our holiday weekend! Ekk! Almost there!

X. Jewls

Here is Cass Bird's shoot with Daria Werbowy for T magazine that hit the stands this past week. They shot in St Barts. Aren't we all jealous? God, that was the best vacay of my life. I want to go back. I love it there! Now, can we please just take about five minutes to stare at the absolute genius of this photo? My guess is she threw sand in front of her lens as she snapped the shot! Any other theories? Guh, I want to be her. Cass, that is...
So comfortable, cute and effortless. Cass and Daria have done loads of shoots together. You can see their chemistry through these photos.
Who wants to roll down to St. Barts with me? 
Stunning. The sand just makes it even better. I love Daria with no make up. 
 Chilling on a St. Barts highway in a Missoni bathing suit. The article in The New York Times says she stopped traffic. I believe it.
Swimming around being a goof ball, Cass captures this amazing shot! The colors are beautiful! You can see a video of it on Cass's Tumblr!

An old pic from a shoot with Daria. I want to figure out how to get lighting down. So sick. I can't take how amazing the sunshine looks shining on her hair like that.
I don't remember the last time I was this in love with a photo. I love these girls.
The cool kids.
Freja looking unreal as usual with farm animals, a ripped up sweater, and cigarettes. Duh.
Pile up! So sweet!
 The lighting, the embrace, the way her feet are positioned! Perfection! She has captured such a beautiful moment here!
I have made this my desktop. How unreal is this photograph? So 70's. It makes me wanna go spray paint romantic phrases around LA. Who dares me...?
 One of my favorite shots of Freja.
Georgia May Jagger at her prettiest if you ask me.
I love her hair and neck stretched out like this. The lighting is sick. I really like how half of her face is over exposed.
 My love Cory Kennedy with some buddies shot by Cass. I adore this picture. Sweetest button on the planet.
The lovely Cass Bird herself.
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