Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fashion Event of the Week: Tribeca Film Festival's Chanel Artists Dinner

This past Monday celebrated the 6th annual dinner for The Tribeca Film Festival Artists hosted by Chanel. The festival was founded by Robert De Niro and the dinner honored all of the artists who contributed their work to the film makers in the festival. Translation... for us... total fashion eye candy with some of our favorite style icons donning head to toe Chanel. What could be better next to the CFDA awards? It was really hard for me to pick my top looks, seeing as Lize and I have had a long love affair with everything Chanel! I have also gone back and selected my favorite looks from past years as well! Hope you enjoy. Let me know which one is your favorite so that we can be green with envy together. ;)

X. Jewls

Chloe Sevigny takes the cake with this stunning dress. This is absolutely my favorite look of the night.
Could you just die over the back of this dress?
Rose Byrne. This is my second favorite dress. Look at the straps!!!
Naomi Watts looking darling and ladylike as usual. Those shoes are killer.
Zoe Kravitz staying true to her rocker vibe. Those pants are unreal with that top. She is always so effortless. Just like her Daddy.
Harley Viera-Newton. I gasped when I clicked to this dress. I love that she paired it with boots. Exactly what I would have done!
Lauren Hutton looking stylishly regal as always. She is such an icon.
Jen Brill. The hem line of this dress is so exquisite.
Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. Perfection all the way down to that piece of hair being blown beautifully in her face. This is such a classy look.
Rose Byrne, Harley Viera-Newton, and Zoe Kravitz all looking equally chic.
Vanessa Traina and Danielle Steele looking adorable together. God, what a fashionable family of women. What I would give to spend a day in their closets.

Past Years Events:

Blake Lively. Ok, I would literally sell everything I own in exchange for this dress. Isn't it unbelievable? The little ruffles on the hem? It literally depresses me that I don't own this piece. I love that it is made from such a sexy material, yet has such a baby doll look to it. This dress was made for me! She wore it back in 08'. I wonder if I could somehow get my hands on it?!
MK killing it as usual. No explanation needed here. Worship her.
Caroline Sieber. I want to get married in this dress. Oh. My. Lord. GORGEOUS!
Diane Kruger donning a more Victorian look. She can do no wrong in my book. She is a genius. No stylist for this one. She proudly does it ALL herself.
Selma Blair and Kristen Bell looking so cute holding hands. I love how completely different they look. It reminds me of Liza and I dress when we are together. We are polar opposites, but you will always see glimpses of similarities in the way we style our emsembles. In this case, I would be Selma and Lize would definitely be rocking that dress Kristen has on.
Debra Messing. Can we talk about the collar on this dress? Oh, Karl... you slay me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Liza's Spring Wish List

It's kind of ridiculous how many cute things are popping up in our favorite stores and online shops. I will admit I get a bit overwhelmed, as there is SO much to look at and swoon over! Gah! I do keep some mental notes though of the pieces I KNOW I would wear like crazy once it starts to warm up here. Check out a few of the items that have sent me into complete spring fashion mania! If only it weren't cold and raining here in Chicago every day! Crossing my fingers for beautiful weather soon... XO, Liza

Free People Harmonica Crop Pullover, $78. How great is this little short sleeved sweater? Totally easy and super cute. I know I would get a ton of use out of this and at $78 bucks, you can't go wrong.

Knee Jumpsuit, $117. Not gonna lie, but I have been kind of over the suspender trend for a while now... until I saw these! I love love love how the pants come to the knees and I am kind of obsessed with the halter back! I can think of a million things to wear under it too... A unitard, tank top, blouse, cropped tee. The list is endless.

Pencey Suede Miniskirt, $334. DROOL! This skirt is screaming my name. How fabulous is it? 

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Drop Stitch Cable Cardigan, $405. Every piece in the Rodarte/Opening Ceremony collaboration is amazing, but this sweater is hands down my fave. I tried it on at Barney's a few weeks ago and obviously fell in love. I adore the the detailing and the way it zips up halfway. 
TomTom Tie Dye Suede Wrap Bracelet, $125. As if I don't have enough bracelets... I am always wanting more! Haha! Love all of the jewelry by TomTom, but this little one instantly caught my eye.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Jewls and Liza's Shorts and Skirts Selections for Spring/Summer

I don't know about you guys, but I find a sense of urgency once May looms nearer to re-vamp my skirt and shorts collection for spring. Sure, sure... Lize and I have some cute ones on hand, but we need some new pieces to inspire new ensembles and ease us into the spring and summer months. It's so typical to feel completely overwhelmed by the saturated websites during these months. Ugly shorts, after ugly skirt... where to find the good ones???  With a full time job, who has time to run out to a boutique anymore, let alone to several to search for the perfect piece?  Well, never fear... as usual, Lize and I have no issue rounding up an awesome crop of beautiful pieces to chose from. We've got laser eyes for this and after all, it is what we live for. We decided to split this little project in half. Lize was on short duty and I was on skirt patrol. To tie it all together with one of our favorite trends that is here to stay this season, we have included some carefully picked darling socks.  We have selected both over the knee and ankle length so that there is something for everyone.  You truly can't go wrong with this cute little foot accessory. People honestly underestimate the power of a colorful sock peeking out from under a heel, wedge, bootie, platform, or saddle shoe. They can be such a lovely little surprise to an outfit in such an innocent, cutting edge way. Try it!  K loves, take a peek below and let us know which piece is your favorite! Happy Monday!

PS: We have reached over 500 followers! We both want to thank each and every one of our readers, new and old, for your continued support! We love you!  Look forward to our first giveaway in May to celebrate! It's gonna be a fantastic one. You know we'd never let you down. Our taste is too good. Unfortunate for our checking accounts. ;)

PPS: Thanks for the feature on "5 Things To Know This AM" today Refinery29

X. Jewls and Liza

Jewls Skirt Picks:

Stummer Plum Pleat Leather Skirt, $429. Nuts, but this is my splurge skirt. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous color?! Come on. This is unreal. Paired with a gorgeous little sleeveless lace collared blouse, sheer knee high socks and pumps, and my hair braided around my head for a night out in the summer. Forget it! Obsessed.
Steven Alan Georgia Skirt, $198. Nothing is more come hither than a darling little preppy skirt. It's innocent but also very in control at the same time. Every girl should have one of these in her closet. I am in love with this print.
 Pendelton Meets Opening Ceremony Flared Skirt, $365.  I would pair this skirt with a white unitard, hair down, wavy and messy, huge glasses, a straw sun hat and gladiator sandals. Done. Off for a picnic in the hills. It's the perfect picnic look.
Vena Cava Monarchy Skirt, $435. I had to throw at least one maxi in here as I have the hardest time finding ones that I like. I know it's pricey, but I feel like I would be wearing this piece 20 years from now. It is a classic and transcends age and trend. You could pair it with any top and it would look gorgeous. 
Vintage Gypsy Rose Skirt, $75. I love that it comes in nude too. The construction is awesome. I want both of these. I just may scoop both up seeing as you really can't beat the price! 

Jewls Sock Picks:

Hansel from Basel Sheer Floral Anklet, $14.00. I collect Hansel from Basel socks like candy. It's all I wear.
Sol Mate Cosmo Socks, $14.00. Ok, there is NOTHING that these wouldn't go with! So fun for spring and they would match everything!
Asos Wool Cable Over the Knee Sock, $10.76. These are genius for those freezing nights when you want something warm on your legs, but really want to be rocking a pair of shorts or a skirt to show off your legs! These wool socks are the perfect sexy go to and are completely year round!

 Asos Bow and Dot Pink Ankle Sock, $7.17. Could these little pink babies get any cuter? I am actually obsessed with them against the brown wedge t-strap sandal. I may need to emulate that.
I love the little bow.

Liza's Shorts Picks:

D & G Gingham Tap Shorts, $165. These little bloomer esque shorts are too cute! I love the gingham print and the sweet ruffles and bows on the bottom. Perfect summer shorts if you ask me...
RunawayDreamz Vintage Pink/Purple Studded Shorts, $158. These are beyond 80's, but I am kind of obsessed! I love the acid wash and the little rips. I live in cut-offs during the summer, so I just might have to grab these!

Suno Godet Print Shorts, $255. Made of 100 % silk, these are the perfect pair of shorts for going out to a nice dinner. I'd pair these with a sheer t-shirt or tank, a lacy bra, and those new Jeffrey Campbell Suebee Wedges!
Timo Weiland Knit Shorts, $253. How frigin' sweet are these little shorts? Timo Weiland always kills it and these shorts are well.... killer!
LOVE the bows.

Opening Ceremony Sailor Shorts, $265. Opening Ceremony has a huge selection of amazing shorts this year, but I think these have to be my favorite pair. Would totally put these with a striped t-shirt, dainty ankle socks, and nude sandal wedges.

Liza's Sock Picks:

Topshop Blue Heart Ankle Socks, $8. I always love printed socks, so I had to throw these in. They would look particularly cute with some Mary Janes.
Hansel from Basel Puff Crew Socks, $20. Basic, yet adorable. 
Missoni Zigzag Above the Knee Socks, $58. Missoni knee socks? Yes please! These would look fabulous with shorts or a skirt any day!
Antipast Bee in the Rain Socks, $40. Love Antipast's selection of socks. These ones are so cute.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Streetstyle Spotlight: Coachella 2011

Coachella has become the casual West Coast grassy meadow version of NYFW's street style and I live for it. There were so many rad ensembles snapped this year. It was really hard for me to pick my top favorites! I wish I could have gone. Not to mention that Mulberry threw their pool party at The Parker where I just stayed in Palm Springs. Gah, I want to go back already. I may need to plan another getaway, stat! Most girls grab their shortest pair of daisy duke jean shorts, a floral top, a straw fedora, and scuffed up boots, but some chicks surprised me by whipping out some seriously darling dresses and skirts this year. Ahh, and the sunglasses... I have been lusting after each picture. I swear, there should be a store called "Coachella Sunglasses". I want all of them.  Enjoy my top picks below and let me know which one is your favorite! Well it's Friday lovers... any fun plans? I am off to a dinner party tonight and then I may lounge at the beach all day tomorrow with my man.  Hope you all have a good one! Kisses.

X. Jewls

This photo reminds me so much of Lize and myself. Unitards, cut offs, jet black shades, and an arm full of our signature "BFF bracelet stacks". We've been wearing them since we were 16. Also the girls have a handful of rings on, which we also do. Not a day goes by that we don't have at least 10 rings on. We wear one on every finger and stack all the little ones. We are naked without our accessories and no one wears them quite like us. Wearing jewelry a certain way is the best way to individualize your ensemble and create a signature for yourself. Awww, this photo makes me miss her so bad! Come to LA, Lize!
Alexa head to toe in Philip Lim. I would do anything for this dress. Check out this close up below.
Look at that beading! Stunning! But as usual, I love how she keeps it young and silly with the blue nail polish. She is just the cutest thing. 
 I feel like Kate kind of leads the way with the best Coachella looks. She has been nailing it year after year. She wore this amazing Balmain top this year. Clean, patriotic, and simple. I give it two thumbs up. 
That red cut out dress? Are you kidding me. Cutest dress I have seen so far. 
This romper is so unique. I love how billowing and see through it is. It would be so sexy with a swim suit peeking out underneath. I want, want, want.
 Diane Kruger looking beyond lady like and put together as usual. 
Her sunglasses win. They are the best.
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