Thursday, October 29, 2009

Summer 2007

Adore this picture. Jewls is wearing a white tank with a vintage skirt while I am wearing a Prada turban headband and a Kate and Kass dress. XO, Liza

Designer Spotlight: Bodkin Spring 2010

Loving Brooklyn based line, Bodkin's upcoming spring collection. Not to mention it's designer, Eviana Hartman, is a Chicago girl. I picked out a few of my favorite looks from the website. XO, Liza

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Oldie, But Goodie

Here is Jewls and I on New Year's Eve a bazillion years ago. Ok maybe not a bazillion... probably like four? But still seems like forever ago. Jewls is wearing a vintage dress with a Costume National Bag, while I am wearing an Imitation of Christ dress. If I remember correctly, she was also wearing her Costume National pumps, while I was wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs suede booties. If only we could see the feet in this picture! XO, Liza

Because I'm a Sucker for Luxe Lingerie...

So for the people that know my fashion loves very well (probably only Jewls and my sister, haha), they know I am a HUGE sucker for lingerie... meant to be worn to run around in my apartment and just be cute and sexy. So I rounded up a few little numbers that are my faves. Some I have and some are on my current wish list... (birthday coming up. Hint hint). XO, Liza

I saw this Lake and Stars onesie leotard first in the "Sex and the City" movie and went online immediately afterwards to find it. Luckily, I did in an XS and grabbed it up, as they were pretty much gone after that. Here is Sarah Jess as Carrie wearing it on the big screen... she can pull off pretty much anything and make it look amazing.

I love love love this Dessous by Sophie Simmons romper. I have it in lilac and have worn it to death. Perfect for bedtime or just lounging around. It was recently put up on again.

This VPL harness briefs are so me, it's scary. Right now they are on sale at, even though they are still expensive for what they are. I'm waiting for them to hopefully get marked down again. Need these in my life stat.

And last by not least, this fabulous bra and underwear set from Wundervoll. Jewls found these online and now we are obsessed. Could they get any cuter? Didn't think so!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Model Spotlight: Masha Novoselova

She's so hot, but also seems like a total goon. Def our type of girl. Love.

X. Jewls

Love her arms here.

I want this on my head. Now.

What a goofball. Love her for this. Hahaha.

What Lize and I will look like when we are mothers.

Similar to our addiction to coffee. I feel like this in the middle of the day frequently.

What is on her head?  It's incredible.

Stunning. CANNOT deal with the lighting. Aghhhh.

Love my Best Boo in LA

Sillies running errands...

X. Jewls

Vintage Yellow Bow
Balenciaga Sunglasses
Vintage Bottega Venetta Bag
Brian Lichtenberg Jumper
Various Bracelets

Susan Daniels Bow Headband
Chanel Sunglasses
Owl Shirtdress
Various Necklaces

Outfit Post: Rainy Fall Day

I swear, I feel as if I live in Seattle with all the rain we have been getting lately. Awful. It was nice this morning though... chilly but no rain thankfully. Here is what I wore today (even though I only went to school). XO, Liza

Cara Couture Rhinestone Bow Headband
See by Chloe Hooded Leather Jacket
Adrienne Landau Fur Vest
Vintage Velvet Mini Dress
Viktor and Rolf for H & M Heart Tights
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag
Lanvin Mary Jane Flats

New Purchase: Lanvin 3132 Eyeglasses at Optix on Sunset

I searched and searched all of Los Angeles and NYC to find my Lanvin's that I had been swooning over for weeks... They were NOWHERE! Alber Elbaz is a genius hermit crab. I love everything he does, but oh so impossible to find! So I decided to settle on the Sheldrakes from Oliver Peoples instead.

As I dragged my boyfriend, John, out of bed to look for the perfect frames, we happened to pop into Optix up on Sunset next to Oliver's store on our way to brunch... I look at the man behind the counter and go "You don't by any chance have model 3132 Lanvin Eyeglasses do you?" and he goes "No. No one buys Lanvin here." I think to myself, "Exactly... Everyone wants the status symbol glasses. Lanvin of course, would be too obscure for this scene. Naturally.... ughhhh, so frustrating!" But then he says, "Wait a minute. I have a box here I was about to send back. Let's check in here." And there they were! I threw them on my face and had a romantic moment and said, "Yes yes yes!!! They're perfect!!" That was the beginning of my love affair with my new glasses.

X. Jewls

Photographer Spotlight: Kayt Jones

While fashion photography can get a little "guy heavy", I view Kayt Jones as a ray of light that peaks through so defiantly, yet not "in your face feminine". She began her photography career in London where she was born and raised and rather than saving up for a car at 17 years old, she threw every dime she had into a Leica M4 camera. Kayt studied in London at the University of Westminster and now resides in LA with her husband, an actor, and two children.

Clearly she had a vision and a dream from the beginning and an ardent vigor that very few are cut out for. For this, I am so completely inspired and appreciative of her work. Her use of natural lighting, studio lighting, and even photoshop is always tasteful, elegant, and a tad humorous. The emotions she captures are rare and seemingly organic to the eye.

Below is my ode to Kayt Jones.

X. Jewls

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jewelry Designer Spotlights: Nina Bukvic, Open Design, Joanna Campbell, and Felicity Peters

I have a certain addiction, if you will, for industrial "undone" looking jewelry. My entire mantra in life is "Never let anything creative be consciously provoked or pre-meditated ".

Liza and I find that our most inspired days are the ones when we literally are "not thinking about it".B elow are a few designers that move me and make me feel excited about "everyday throw on" accessories. More importantly, pieces that give me that effortless feel about my ensemble. This is just my mood once again.

X. Jewls


Born in Croatia, Nina moved to London to study jewelry design at the Central Saint Martins University of the Arts. She now sells her collections at select locations throughout Europe and the United States.


Lives and works in Moscow, Russia, Liza and I have had an obsession with Band Aid trinkets since designer, Lye Van Rycke released her stainless steel band aid bracelet attached to red wax leather in 03'. It quickly became our best friend bracelet. Yes, that is how we justify a $280 Band Aid. So here, I am happy to see some more well made Bad Aids (and nails) that we can snatch up.


A New Zealand based designer, I am lusting after her silver tape measure ring collection. Too cute. Simple and innovative. Love.

An Australian designer, known to use the Korean technique, Keum Boo, where she will take a pure gold sheet and fuse it to the sterling silver base of whatever she is making. Kind of amazing. Note to self... learn how to do that. This ring is like a little life on top of your hand. So strange and beautiful at the same time. I would imagine this piece would be a serious conversation starter.
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