Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Teddy Girls Shoot for Oyster Magazine

Hey guys!! I am baaaaaaaack. Oh my Lord. What a summer. I am so ready for fall. I can't stand it. My apologies for being MIA. I have been so busy between work, traveling, planning a wedding, and keeping some semblance of a social life... it's literally been nuts. All I have wanted to do is hole up in bed by myself and blog, blog, blog. Well, things have finally calmed down and my schedule is back to normal. I found this particular shoot ages ago and it has been collecting dust in my little blog archive folder and I've been dying to share it with you all.

The Teddy Girls were a group of women in Kensington (A district of West London), back in 1955 that basically went against the civil rights movement and dropped out of school at age 14, got jobs in factories, and spent the money they made on making clothes. They were known for their rolled up jeans, fitted tailored blazers, pencil skirts, and elegant clutches. Back then that was considered rebellious, which I obviously ADORE considering where fashion is now. I mean, look around us? Look at what women get away with these days? Look at what "sexiness" has become? Not to get carried away with that... but honestly! Anyway, I was incredibly inspired by this shoot, their story, and how they literally DEFIED what was socially acceptable in a sacrifice to make a fashion statement. It obviously played a huge role in what "50's era fashion" became. Who knew this little group of 14 year- olds could have such an impact on fashion history!!?! I LIIIIIVE FOR IT.

Photographer Ken Russell took photos of the original Teddy Girls back in 1955 which have since been exhibited in museums all over England. Earlier this year, Liz Ham photographed this shoot for Oyster Mag in honor of them, styled by Jolyon Mason. Hope you are all doing fabulous and enjoy my little Teddy Girls discovery as much as I have!!!

X. Jewls

Oyser Mag shoot in honor of the original Teddy Girls. I can't get enough of this photo.

The dead chicken on the ground. Wrung out for dinner. Definitely very 50's!!

Amazing. The end.

Ahhhh. In so many ways I wish I had lived back then!!!

I want everything that they are wearing. Their expressions are priceless and their hair is even better. This is a great shot.

Stunningly beautiful. The lighting is exquisite.

Hahhahhaha. This is so Lize and I.

This knitted romper is KILLER.

One of the original Teddy Girls shot in 1955 by Ken Russell.

The West London crew. So adorable. This was shot on an old bomb site. So dope! Ahhhh! Can you believe this clothing was considered rebellious?!?! CRAZY!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Liza's Best and Worst of the Emmy Awards

So this may have been the first year I haven't watched the Emmy Awards. I always tune into the red carpet and watch at least half of the actual ceremony, but this year I was too busy eating steak tacos Angel made for me and organizing our new apartment. Hahahaha. Whoops! Well even though I missed the show, I made sure to check all my favorite gossip and fashion sites for the latest updates on what everyone was wearing! I wasn't super impressed sad to say, but I did pick out my best and worst dressed of the night. Here they are below! So sorry blog updates have been slacky this past month. September will definitely be better. I promise! XO, Liza

Best Dressed

Rose Byrne in Gucci- Favorite favorite of the night. So understatedly sexy and chic. Although she is pale, the white still works on her as she has a subtle glow.

How amazing is the back of the dress too?

Diana Agron in Carolina Herrera- I must say... I never have been too crazy about Carolina Herrera's designs. This though I love! So beautiful and sweet. Totally suits adorable Diana from Glee. Two thumbs up!

Jewel in Zuhair Murad- It is definitely on the girly side with the bow beneath the bust and the floral sequin design... but it is very very pretty. Her simple hair and earrings too complete the look.

Claire Danes in Armani Prive- STUNNING! Claire looks like an absolute goddess in this dress. It hugs her body perfectly and although it is sparkles galore, it's not tacky at all. Her makeup is beautiful and her hair is even better. Second runner up after Rose Byrne.

Worst Dressed

Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen- Ugh. Some people loved this, but I personally think it is terrible. The color is pretty, but the sleeves are way too much, especially with that deep v and her boobs popping out. Kinda tacky.

Naya Rivera in Simin- The worst of the night. First of all, what is with that hairdo? I am all for high buns on top of the head, but this one is monster size. Fine for Lady Gaga, but not for the Emmy Awards. The dress too is just yucky. Looks like a cheap cheesy prom dress, especially with that high slit and the flower on it.

Lauren Graham in Yigel Azrouel- Boo. I adore Lauren Graham and I usually love Yigel, but this does not work for me. It is just way too blousy on the chest and it does absolutely nothing for her.

Heidi Klum in Dior- Wow. Really? I know she wants to show off her body since she popped out a baby not too long ago, but this is BEYOND short! There is short and then there is SHORT. This is just embarrassing. She might as well be wearing a tube top.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Item of the Day: Shape Shiftr Silk Tail Blouse

How amazing is this blouse that just surfaced on Nasty Gal Vintage? I have to have it for fall! It seems like such an easy throw on... and with a black bra or tank underneath? The back is my favorite part though. Perfect to throw on with my Christopher Kane for Topshop grommet bike shorts or basic leggings. Ahh... another item added to my wish list! XO, Liza


Friday, August 13, 2010

Alexander Wang is KILLING ME

Honestly... I truly have dreaded checking all my favorite shopping sites lately because of the constant flow of amazing fall stuff. Alas though, Alexander Wang has arrived on Shopbop.com and it is OUT OF CONTROL. Here are my MUST HAVES. I am seriously pondering ordering these asap, even though I won't be able to wear them until it starts getting chilly. Ahh! XO, Liza

Hooded Romper- I love anything with a hood. I adore rompers. Ummm.... perfect!!!


Sydney Backpack- Wait though... it is in VELVET. Omg. Early birthday present? I am not kidding.

Ponte Exposed legging- I don't care if you like leggings or hate them. I wear mine all the time, whether they are cheap ones from American Apparel or latex ones from Kova and T or LNA. Well, Mr. Wang has a pair from his T line and they are absolutely adorable. At $135 too? Amazing.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Look of the Day: Sasha Pivovarova

Yes I know these are super old school shots, but I had to whip em' out because I live for it. What I adore about Sasha's personal street style is that she rocks a light chic look and then goes dark, layered, and gothic at a moment's notice. Whether it's her own style or a shoot, she always comes across completely authentic on film. She is my kind of girl! Well, off to bed early for me. I have had the longest work week ever since two Sundays ago. Aghhh! Looks like my weekend is going to be Wednesday/Thursday this week, but I'm not complaining. I can't wait to just sleep, take some hot bubble baths, peel through my huge stack of magazines, and blog a bunch! Hope you're all doing great!

X. Jewls

I love how she has the hood up and has it knotted at the throat.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Model Obsession: Monika Rohanova

So I saw this model on someone's blog the other day... I forgot who, but I am loooving her! From the Czech Republic, Monika is very very new. I could barely find any information on her! She's graced the covers of a few magazines in Italy and Switzerland, but has yet to walk in any runway shows. I personally think she is drop dead gorgeous. She reminds me of a more exotic Jessica Stam. Here are some photos I found of Monika. She is most definitely one to watch come Paris fashion week! XO, Liza

Ok. This picture is sick.

LOVE this!

Jessica Stam's long lost twin?

So fresh and natural.

Are those my Chanel sunglasses?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Shoot of the Day: Ashley Smith for Harper's Bazaar UK

Ok guys, this shoot is sick! How breathtaking is the jewelry? And the messy hair with the braid? Ugh! In love! I think the last shot is my favorite though. Absolutely stunning. Check it out! XO, Liza


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Trend Spotlight: Fur Accents

Ok, so I am with Lize on this... It is a little early to be shopping for fall, but hey anyone can get stir crazy in the monotony of summer fashion gear. I certainly do. Living in LA only makes it worse because I don't get any seasons here!!! Sunshine all the time is not as amazing as it seems guys. Trust me... not for fashionistas anyway. I grew up layering and loving autumn in Chicago. I miss those crisp days where scarves, hats, and gloves were an absolute necessity. On the hunt for my favorite fall go-to, fur, I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of options we have here! Super cute stuff for high AND low budgets! Check out my top picks.

X. Jewls

Daydream Nation Fur Collar Necklace. $198. This I adore and would buy because it's versatile, fresher than a scarf and can be worn so many different ways. A must have for sure.

Thomas Wylde Fur and Studded Overcoat Dress. $3700, naturally. We can all drool though, right?

So killer.

Daydream Nation Fur Accent Top. $106. Loving this.

Givenchy Calf Hair Ankle Boots. $1190. Sob. I'm so madly in love with these.

The buckle coming up around the ankle just melts my heart.

Daydream Nation Fur Shoulder Cardigan. An amazing throw on. $212.

Anna Sui Rabbit Fur Bolero. $590.

I want to make this my pillow.

Jeffrey Campbell Xanadu Fur Ankle Boots. A cheaper fur bootie option and a bit more punk. $198.

net-a-porter.com, oaknyc.com, pixiemarket.com

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Liza's Top Shopbop Fall Picks

Alright ladies... so since fall is approaching, knits, vests, and blouses galore are slowly trickling into our favorite stores and online sites. One of my faves, Shopbop.com is stocked with the cutest goodies. Here are my current obsessions for the upcoming season! XO, Liza

Rebecca Taylor Layered Ruffled Vest- OMG. Is this not so frigin gorgeous? I would wear this ALL the time!


Plastic Island Stonage Cardigan- This is a must have. Period. Plus at only 100 bucks? Done!

Rag & Bone Waverly Shorts- How cute are these babies? Would love these with sheer black tights and my Melissa wedges or a pair of open toe pumps.

Falke Corsage Stay Up Tights- I am a tights hog. Whether they are exclusive Chanel or reliable Wolford, I collect them like dolls. These will most definitely be added to my wardrobe for fall.

Equipment Signature Blouse- These blouses have been around for a while, but they are so great! I love how loose they are.

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