Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Liza's Top Ten Jackets and Coats for Fall/Winter

Ok ladies... so now that the leaves have fallen, Halloween is Sunday, and soon enough we'll have snow, we must all be prepared with the cutest jackets and coats for the chilly weather. I always say coats are a pain because when it's freezing out, no one can ever see the outfit you have on underneath. With these ten beauties below though, wearing a great outfit won't even matter... these are just too fabulous for words. XO, Liza

Opening Ceremony 3/4 Sleeve Cropped Trench Coat- So I have NEVER been into trenches, whether they are basic or all redone. This one though is awesome. I love how short is is and I am a sucker for coats that look like little dresses.

Proenza Schouler Toggle Cropped Jacket- UGH! Drool! This is beyond sick. I would do anything for this one. Paired with the Proenza J Brands too? Perfection.

Proenza Schouler Double Breasted Peak Lapel Coat- Ummm are you serious Proenza? Those guys honestly killed it for their fall collection. I think back to the shows and that one was hands down my fave. I remember seeing this coat come down the runway and I had no words. Really... none. It is that amazing. Such a statement piece.

Jenni Kayne Oversized Coat- Oooh this is just beautiful. I love how Shopbop paired it with a black dress, bare legs, and little booties. That is exactly how it should be worn in my eyes. Love it.

Peter Pilotto 3 Grid Metallic Trim Wool Coat- Whoa! What is this? You can always count on Peter Pilotto to give you something totally different and ultimately chic. This is stunning. It looks amazing on the model too. I'd love it with leggings or super skinny jeans.

Miu Miu Funnel Neck Wool Coat- Ahh Miu Miu. Never fails. This reminds me of a blouse of mine by Miu Miu I got a few years ago. I love this so much. I would wear it like crazy.

Isabel Marant Rick Rabbit Coat- I had to throw a fur in the bunch... I love a white fur and this one is unreal. The buttons on it are so cute, as well as the little collar. This would be a great coat to take from day to night.

Henrik Vibskov Dumpo Jacket- This probably wouldn't keep you very warm, but you would most definitely make a fashion statement! Had to throw it in the mix because it's so awesome.

Tsumori Chisato Zigzag Loop Coat- Tsumori never lets me down. EVER. Her stuff is consistently amazing. Whether it be a fabulous top or a funky pair of tights, I love it all. If I could afford it, I'd buy all of the Tsumori on Lagarconne and Forwardforward! Hahahaha. This coat is beautiful though.

3.1 Phillip Lim Boxy Coat- Last but not least! I love anything nubby and fuzzy and this Phillip Lim alpaca coat is fab.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shoot of the Day: Caroline Trentini for Numero Japan

Oh Japan. They understand something that the rest of us don't. STRANGE, yet perfect construction. I don't know how they are so seemingly perfect at executing it every single time. Design wise. Editorial wise. Marketing wise. They kill it all the way around the spectrum! A bizarre and experimental silhouette has always been my natural inclination so Japanese designers are some of my favorites. This spread shot by David Vasiljevic caught my eye for obvious reasons. ;) Take a peep below.

X. Jewls

No words. I really have none. This dress is impeccable.

I love the hemline of the dress with this slouchy boot. It's a different take on an otherwise tired look. I like it. I also love that this shot is so overexposed. Genius.

So Roman looking with cuffs. This looks like a costume out of the movie Spartacus. Ha! I adore this outfit.

Dead on the floor. I need this piece to live. No, seriously.

 I love everything about this.

Her stance is so perfect with this garment.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Item of the Day: Rachel Antonoff Hitchcock Dress

Alright, so the minute I saw Alexa Chung wearing this during Fashion Week, I thought to myself... This dress BELONGS on me. End of story. Turns out it is designed by one of my favorite girly designers, Rachel Antonoff. I could do so much with this piece... pair it with oxfords, with booties, tights, decorative socks and heels... the list is endless. I am hoping this hits Bonadrag in the next few weeks, so I can wear it on my birthday! XO, Liza

Best Dressed of the Week: Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley

These two always look fabulous on their own, but put them together and voila... Perfection! Carey in Vionnet and Keira in Chanel are not only two of Hollywood's finest actresses, but also true fashion plates. I adore both of their dresses. So different from eachother, but equally elegant. Not to mention their makeup is absolutely flawless. Two thumbs up! Can't wait to see them together on the silver screen. XO, Liza

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Outfit Post: It's Fall!

Wow. I haven't done an outfit post in forever! Well, last weekend I went apple picking and oh was it fun. Not only did I bring home a ton of apples, but I got a pumpkin, some cider, fresh doughnuts, and even cheese! Hahaha I sound like a nerd. The little things make me happy though. XO, Liza

Grey Ant Sunglasses
Scarf from Intermix
Marc by Marc Jacobs Blazer
Marley Leggings
Marc by Marc Jacobs Combat Boots

Friday, October 8, 2010

My "Yes and No's" from Front Row Paris Fashion Week.

I am only going to cover a few shows at a time as it gets overwhelming! Lize I see has already explained that we become very "studious" during this time. I actually prefer Paris Fashion Week. The backstage, the accessories, the beauty coverage, the parties... Ah, I live for all the little details. So bear with me as I slowly depict them all for myself and for all of you guys! I have been working crazy long days for what seems like the last month with a quick seven day jaunt back to the East Coast. Now I am back in LA and off to Santa Barbara today with work for the weekend. Guh. Ah well...Wifi seems to be available where I am going, so I won't abandon you guys. I promise!

On to the more important stuff. Front row looks from Chanel, Miu Miu, McQueen and Louis Vuitton. I have some "love it" and some "hate its". Off I go. Let the discussions begin. Hope you're all fabulous! I have misssssed you!

X. Jewls


Leigh Lezark. Don't run into me or I will literally rip this dress off of you Cinderella style. Agh, so stunning. This is my favorite.

Oliver Zahm and Poppy Delvigne. "The cool guys". I love this shot.

Ellen Von Unwerth. One of my absolute idols. I would kill to do a shoot with her, style it or have her photograph me. I would take whatever I could get. She is such a genius.

Alexa Chung and Lily Allen. So cute.

Vanessa Paradis looking mysterious and chic as usual.

Clemence Posey looking like a baby doll like she always does.

Rachel Bilson. This is terrible. No no no.

Rita Ora. This is fun but a little on the tactless side for me. I get it for her though.


Alexa looking very ladylike, but brush your hair?

Jessica Chastain looking deliciously high cheekboned and elegant. For those of you who are as obsessed with the book "The Help" as I am, she is cast to play Celia Foote! Agh, I love it!

Alexandra Richards. Looking a little worn out. Not into this at all.

Amber Rose. We can't deny that she has a really beautifully proportioned face, but the rest of it has always just been "ick" to me.


Anna Della Russo. This was my only pick from McQueen. This the perfect mix of functional and costumey. I know I am nuts for saying that but I really would wear
that headpiece all over the place. I LIVE FOR IT.


My favorite look from Alexa so far. Lize and I would both snatch this dress in a heartbeat.

Ri, you are trying way too hard. Woah. This is bad bad bad. Too much color and too much accessory. Too much fur. Too much print. Like where is the human being? TOO MUCH EVERYTHING. Not into this look AT ALL.

Dakota, yes you are the best actress of your age but dressing like a capsule of Pepto Bismol does not suit you. I'm sorry. Not into this one either. Her make-up on the other hand is fresh and completely age appropriate. Thumbs up there.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best Dressed of the Week: Nicole Richie

Alright alright... I know I am insanely procrastinating the shows from all the fashion weeks. I still haven't even finished checking out New York! Ahh! Jewls and I discussed this a few days ago... We really like to take our time when it comes to looking at all the slides. I hate doing it when I am rushing or super busy. I need to find a good time this week to do it because I am WAY behind! I am just dying to look at all the shows from Paris. Well anyways, I thought I'd do a quick best dressed of the week. Newly blonde Nicole Richie takes the win for the first week of October. I am so so happy she decided to chop her hair and dye it blonde, as I wasn't really feeling her long dark do. This is so much more fresh for the new season. Her outfit though to me is simple and darling. The dress is nice and easy and I absolutely adore the little jacket she has on over it. Some massive shades and strappy shoes complete her look. All in all... adorable. Happy weekend everyone! I am having a rainy night in with Angel, watching Food Network and eating some butternut squash soup. :) XO, Liza

They're Baaaaaaack!!!

And BETTER then ever! If you've been following the blog for a while or have gone back to old posts, you might have read Juliana and I confessing our love for the Finsk wedges. Last year's version was pretty amazing, but I think this year's is BEYOND! Those few studs on the toe, the contrast of the black suede and the brown wood... Perfection. Although they are pretty expensive (about $650), they are so unique and I doubt every girl on the street is gonna be sporting these. Definitely for the fashion forward risk taker. Take a look at these beauties below! XO, Liza

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