Saturday, July 31, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Karla Spetic

Comfy cardigans, innocent four year old prints, fabulous dresses with geometric cuts? Um, yes... Those are basically my three go to's when looking for basics for myself. I have more oversized cashmere and cable knit sweaters than I can fit in my closet... and I wear them all!! Always searching for more to add to my collection too. Well, Australian designer Karla Spetic's A/W 2010 collection is utter perfection to me. I could completely snag each of these pieces below. I really adore how she gets away with these silly prints while keeping her silhouettes modern. I like to dress girly sometimes, but keeping the silhouette and cut a little on the edgier side is definitely preferable and she nails it here on these dresses and overcoats. New obsession for me for sure! Love love love this collection. :) Off to more of my lazy Saturday night in with John. Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!

X. Jewls

Both. on. me. now. Aggghhhhhhh! Cardigan dress? What? Yes! And what is this on the right? I wish I had multiple views, but I want it anyway. Now!

Can't handle this. I just can't. The shorts... the blazer... So darling. It takes someone pretty daring to roll around in that. Ugh, I love it.

The coat on the right. Stunning. I would live in that. The dry cleaning bill would be steep. Haha... but oh so worth it!

Love her split colored cards and the swing dress. So sweet.

Cable knit skirt. Killer. I would lose the scarf, but I love the skirt.

The dress on the right is such an amazing use of fabric.

Tomboy in orange. Yes, please.

Shhhh... Don't Tell!

These photos of Mary-Kate and Ashley are just TOO cute. XO, Liza

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fashion Journal Spotlight: Dossier

I adore this site and I adore this shoot of Daria at home in her loft in NYC. I have seen snaps from this shoot by photographer Cass Bird floating around for a while, but I had yet to locate all of them until now. Dossier's online journal is a total webazine, full on with a blog of their own, style section, looks, and editions. Hope you're all having a good Wednesday. My weekend starts.... NOW! Hoooray! Off to call Lize and have a long gossip session. ;)

X. Jewls

Loooove this. Love the lighting. Love the hair in the face. Love how Cass Bird left it dark. She's a genius.

This is me.

I have some insane draw to this pic. I don't know what it is. I feel like Vogue and Elle a lot of times do these "Mommy issues" or whatever where they have these new celeb mom's dressed in Givenchy ball gown slicing tomatoes and I'm like "Yeah right?!?! They'd be in American Apparel for that!!" But this photo is authentic. Daria seems genuine in the way she is hunched over in the dress and the hat. I just love it. 

No words. Too cute.

Love the grain in this shot.

Again, love the hair.

I want those pajamas. Now.

Looks oddly comfortable to me.,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blogger Spotlight: Christeric

So I am always up for finding awesome blogs, so I can check them everyday with my other regulars. I think my new favorite though is Christeric. Christine from Los Angeles has killer killer style. I love how she combines designer with vintage and totally gives off that effortless grunge feel. With a mane of bed head hair and tons of amazing jewelry, this girl is one to watch. Check out her blog at XO, Liza

Cropped leopard top and Alexander Wang sunnies. LOVE.

Are those the Rachel Comey shoes I spy?

Adore this look.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

LANVIN T-Shirt Dress

I am beyond obsessed with the simplicity of this Lanvin T-Shirt Dress. Alber Elbaz kills it every time. I swear he is an alien. The Balmain aviators are bad ass too. Simple, yet totally effective. I have a feeling they are about to get reaaaally played out everywhere, but for now I have a big crush. As for everything else, I would like to load on a bunch of gold accessories with the white dress and go with my staple Chanel nail colour. Easy and clean. Now onto our handbag and shoes. I am loooooooving Marni's new muted pink handbag that just popped up. $1400... I might need it. Miu is killing 60's mod this season as we are all aware of and these shoes are beyond darling and innocent looking... but then the sky high heel gives it that modern day edge. I'm definitely into it. Miu Miu is the front runner for me this season second to Balenciaga. Without a doubt. Well I'm off to bed early with John and the kittens. Hope you are all having a great Saturday!

X. JewlsLanvin T-Shirt Dress? I can't go wrong...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shoot of the Day: Cihan Alpgiray for Marie Claire Turkey July 2010

Whoa, this shoot is beyond perfection. Symi, the Greek Island where this editorial was shot is breathtaking, the models are gorgeous... and the clothes are absolutely SICK. I am especially obsessed with the first shot... look at that view! Check it out below. XO, Liza

Models: Patrisha Petrova and Isabella Strandell
Styling: Duygu Hamdioglu


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best Dressed of the Week: Alexa Chung

You either got it or you don't... and well Alexa has ALWAYS got it. I swear, this girl never gets it wrong in what she wears. I love how her shirt is slouchily tucked into her jean cutoffs and her long tan legs are endless. Like Jewls has said in the past, you try to hate her at first, but it is impossible because she is so darn cute! Grrrrr...... XO, Liza

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Acne Shoes Fall 2010

When these come out this fall, I do not care the price... because they will be MINE. Need these NOW. I cannot wait. XO, Liza

Shoot of the Day: Terry Richardson Shoots Jessica Stam for W

Ummmmmm... Obsessed with the fall looks this year. CANNOT get enough of the tweed 60's mod pieces Balenciaga and Miu Miu are whipping out. Yes, please. I'll take it all. Hope you are all having a fabulous week.

X. Jewls

Balenciaga. Collared blouse under that incredible sweater. Check. Precious skirt. Check. Perfect shoes. Check. Ohhhh kill me now.

Miu Miu. Uh, first of all I am pretty sure Jessica went to my mother's house and stole my dog, Atticus, for this shoot because that is literally him. Ha! Second of all, the lavender skirt on the right needs to be on my body this second. Aghhh, Lize and I would wear that thing to death.

Proenza Schouler. Back to school as an adult. Well, yeah... I would go if I could wear this outfit. I think I would go back as Rizzo from Grease.

Balenciaga. Ladylike, elegant, spunky, and classy. Nicolas Ghesquiere nails it every time.

Stam in Kors. Not loving the look. He is sort of trying to be Chanel, but obviously not quite executing, but Elmo is ahhhmazing. Had to throw this in here because I died laughing when I saw it. So Terry to shoot this.

I Must ID These Sunglasses. Someone Translate Please!

Seriously... They need to be on my face immediately.

X. Jewls

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girly Girl

I love this picture so much. Whatever she is wearing... I want it. XO, Liza

Planning a Weekend in Palm Springs with John

This is what I would wear. Yes, please.

X. Jewls

Off for a Weekend in Palm Springs with John.. Please. :)Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Raining in LA and I'm Feeling Gothic

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Hey guys. I have been out of society and away from friggin' civilization for the past week! Went to Nashville, TN to see the family with John and had no internet there. Then I went up into the woods to a gorgeous lake with his family to have future in-law time and had no internet there either... and no cell reception for that matter!! Ha! Now while that was incredibly peaceful and I looooooved being able to drop off the face of the planet for a while, I DID really miss blogging and getting to chat with you guys. So back to it!
Feeling a little over the sunshine and LA in general. I am ready for some fall... is that weird? Even though we don't even really get one here! Gah! No seasons in this stupid town! (Can you guys tell I'm having one of my "I hate LA days")? Anyways, I was purusing through Oak NYC's site and found several things that I could totally snatch right now. Hope you all had an amazing 4th of July!

X. Jewls

In agreement with Lize, we are not huge fans of long maxis but this Kris Van Assche is different. There is a lightness and elegance that I am drawn to. I love the slit and the little suspender detail. I could see myself wearing this with boots all through the fall.

So darling.

Gee Wa Wa Female Fatale Platforms. I want to wear these on my feet now and start roughing them up!!!

Love em. So ridiculous, gothic, and fun.

Kaylee Tankus Harem Pants. Ok ok... I know. The drop crotch is a little worn out, but there is still a part of me that craves throwing them on when I am feeling lazy. It's just an easy look! I can't give it up just yet.

Osborn Design Polka Dot Booties. I'm sorry. These are just too precious to not grab up. Ha! With sheer Chanel tights, a little skirt, and white poofy blouse? Ugh, now!

Las Jewelry Gazelle Ring. I want him.

OTBT Murphy Gladiator Sandal. These are what I call a perfect combination of hideous/cute and innovative. Ha! Kind of industrial looking... I am into it. Paired with jean short cut offs, a big white tee stolen from my man's closet, and a gaudy necklace. I'd be good with these on.

Love the ugly laces and the zipper. So old school looking.

Surface to Air Silver Skull Studs. Great day to days when you're feeling moody.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Item of the Day: Prada B.Y.O. Tote Bags

Alright, so my fellow fashionistas may have already heard about the new tote bags by Prada. At an affordable $295 (affordable for Prada), these little totes made from archived fabrics are only available at Prada boutiques. Many of you are probably thinking... 300 bucks for a canvas/nylon bag? Well you are pretty much paying for the label and the design. Personally, I think they are kind of adorable and perfect for summer. I would totally use this as something to throw my stuff in if I didn't feel like using my Goyard or hey... even my computer if I don't want to lug around my laptop case! Take a peak at the bags below. XO, Liza

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