Saturday, February 27, 2010

Red Carpet Princess: Camilla Belle

While Diane Kruger is the queen of the red carpet, I would name Camilla Belle as the princess. Still quite young at the age of 23, Camilla favors designers such as Chanel and Valentino. She is always impeccably dressed and looks like such a lady, yet she takes risks which I admire. Here are some of my favorite fashion moments of Ms. Belle. XO, Liza

I'm never a huge fan of belting dresses, but this definitely works. Love the texture of it too.

Gorgeous. Sexy, yet not over the top.

This color is fantastic on her.

Camilla in Alexander McQueen. This is incredible. A piece of art.

Love this one so much. Funky, yet elegant at the same time.

Oscar de la Renta. This is simply stunning. I could do without the cuff, but I still love it.


I believe this one is Valentino. The style of this dress is so me... I would LOVE to wear this.

Nothing super special, but still very pretty.

And the best for last... Camilla in Valentino. I saw she was in worst dressed for this number, but only true fashionistas would really appreciate and get it. It is just unreal... and the shoes too. Ugh, perfect.

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