Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Delfina Delettrez

Born in Rome, Delfina Delettrez traveled back and forth from her birthplace to Rio de Janeiro throughout her childhood. A fourth generation Fendi (yes you heard that), Delfina often interned at Chanel before developing her own jewelry line. First selling it at Colette in Paris, this up and coming young designer most recently opened her own store in Rome. Her jewelry, which is quite avant garde, is most definitely not for the faint. Some of her pieces are absolutely crazy! I do adore the rings she does though... They are so unique. Check them out below. XO, Liza

Delfina and Karl Lagerfeld

This to me is a work of art!

These two rings are both available at Opening Ceremony.

I love all the hand rings she does!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vintage MK

I am in LOVE with this old picture of MK. Her hair looks incredible, the hat is cute, her baggy shirt and her lace bra strap peaking out... Obsessed. Oh and did I almost forget about her bag? Gah! Hope you are all having a great weekend! XO, Liza


Friday, June 25, 2010

Outfit Post: WildFox Sample Sale

So after not getting much sleep last night at ALL, I still dragged myself out of bed this morning to the Wildfox sample sale downtown at the Cooper Building. I wanted to arrive before the madness started rolling in. As Lize and I have been loving this line for quite some time, I was sure I would find some cute pieces to snatch up. I grabbed two darling sweatshirts and an amazing tank in all four styles. Hahahaha. I will do outfit posts of all, don't fret. :) The two girls working the showroom were insanely sweet and I loved meeting them. After getting home, taking a shower and trying to wake up a bit... I threw on one of my new tanks and grabbed my other two new items.... MY BABY KITTENS! Omar and Bellatrix. I believe they will get along with the tiger on my tank. ;) Happy Friday guys! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

X. Jewls

Three cats in a row...

Omar is roaring like a tiger in this picture. HAHA! And smacking me in the face. Hilarious. Bells is just happy to be snuggling.

My top from their collection lookbook.

I love this model. She is so cute.

Ice Cream Sweatshirt. Guess "my lay around at home in old dance wear look" went along with their campaign theme. Haha.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Street Style Spotlight: Model Elena Perminova

She's got a billionaire boyfriend... She went from selling drugs in Russia to being a successful model... She had a baby in 2009 with her beau... She has sick fashion taste. This girl has a lived a pretty full life to be in her early twenties. Seemingly all put together, Elena has a knack for looking polished, yet unpredictable. Kind of a hard combination to nail. She stays quite under the radar, but here are some style snaps that I spent a long time gathering for us to "oogle" over. Enjoy! ;)

X. Jewls

I want to snatch it off her head.

And she clearly loves her headpiece too. ;) Gotta love a "binger".

In Proenza Schouler, one of my favorite looks. Not normally a look I'd be into, but for some reason this is so appealing to me. I think the hat makes the whole ensemble.

Button face. I adore the high tops with the skirt. It's so five year old. I live for it.

Easy go to.

In Rodarte... quite obviously. ;)

I don't know what this thing is... but it's sick!!!!

After Celine. This white dress murders me.

In a darling cropped Chanel jacket.

Can't find an ID on this thing anywhere... and it's one of the sickest bird like things I have ever seen. So nuts. If anyone knows who did this piece, let me know!

Sergio Rossi pumps with socks. Precious.

Twig in spandies and a sick white fur. Again, no ID. Love this look!!

Decked in Alaia.

Ahh, the coveted Givenchy jacket.

Flying away???? HAHAHAHA!

I want these socks!!

Such a pretty shot with the sun. Love her expression here. :)

Giambattista Valli F/W 10. This dress has killed me over and over again.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Emerging Fashionista: Emma Roberts

Although she is only 19, Emma Roberts in my mind, is a true fashionista in the making. Whether she is in head to toe Miu Miu or in a fabulous Vuitton jacket straight off the runway, the little actress always looks red carpet ready. Here are a bunch of photos I gathered of Emma. Enjoy! XO, Liza

This is just great. The back of the dress is amazing.

In Jenny Packham at the premiere of "Valentine's Day" with her aunt Julia. This was one of my favorite dresses Emma has ever worn. So sweet and elegant.

Simple and sleek.

In Versace.

In Miu Miu, one of her favorite designers. Love this dress!

How amazing is this? Looks perfect on her.

I love this dress, although I feel it could have been a little more fitted on Emma... looks kind of big on her.

This coat! Ahh!

After dinner in L.A. Nice and casual.

Not a huge fan of the maxi dress, but I like this on her. Pretty.

Love how she paired the black shoes with this dress.

Emma in Chanel. Perfection.

Sporting the Chanel temporary tattoos.

Shift dresses with black tights never get old...

I Still Wear All Black in the Summer

It's true... Nothing is as chic as a woman decked in all head to toe black. There is a little bit of "Cat Woman" in me, I suppose. Below would be my ideal get up for a summer night out. Shop my picks. ;) Hope you're all having a great day!

X. Jewls

Linda Farrow Cat Eye Snakeskin Sunglasses $640. I need these to live.

Alexander Wang Crop Sweater. $375. Also a staple year round piece.

Jean Yu Alter Ego Silk Charmeuse Bra, $440. Absurd price, I know... but super cute under sheer tops and such.

Sass and Bide's new jersey leggings. Ordering these immediately. A perfect throw on and a fresh take on latex leggings. Very cute. $220.

Hanky Panky Lace Boy Shorts. Lize and I both have drawers full of these... But you can never have enough!! $29 bucks and they last foooorever!

United Nude Black Heels. Loooving this line. $498 at Oak in NYC.

Jimmy Choo, $1695. I like the roughness of this bag.

lagarconne.com, net-a-porter.com, oaknyc.com
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