Sunday, February 27, 2011

Liza's Best and Worst of the Academy Awards 2011

The Academy Awards were pretty meh this year... Wasn't that into the show, but I WAS making sure to  note my best and worst dressed of the night! So typical that when Jewls texted me her top three favorites of the night, those were mine too! Hahahaha! Us best friends think a LOT alike! ;) XO, Liza

Best Dressed

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture- One word. STUNNING. This dress is most definitely high fashion, so I kind of understand that some people may not get it. I, on the other hand, am in love with it and Cate Blanchett clearly gets it. The dress is beyond unique and so different. I love the sleeves, as well as the incredible back. I can't picture any other actress wearing it with such elegance and confidence.

Michelle Williams in Chanel Haute Couture- I can never get enough of what Michelle Williams wears to movie premieres or award ceremonies. She always looks SO beautiful and so chic. This whole look.... the hair, the make-up, the dress... absolute perfection.

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab Haute Couture- Absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE this color on her and the draping on the dress is incredible. It's sexy, but in the classiest way. Love the final touch of simple earrings, a bracelet, and no necklace. This dress has such a gorgeous neckline and wearing anything around the neck would take away from the entire look. I think Mila nailed it!

Worst Dressed

 Penelope Cruz in L'Wren Scott- Definitely my worst of the night. This looks like she bought it at the mall or something... It's like a really bad cheesy prom dress! Ugh! So awful! She usually looks great, but this gown is terrible.

 Nicole Kidman in Dior- This one is pretty bad. From far away, it looks like there are seashells or something on her dress. The cut is really bizarre too! Hate it. Very tacky and creepy.

 Florence Welch in Valentino Couture- I love this dress... I really do! Problem is it looks AWFUL on Florence. She is so fair with her red hair and pale skin and it just does not work on her whatsoever. She almost looks shlumpy in it? I don't know, but something is totally off for me.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Outfit Post: Weekends Were Made for Fun

To kick start the weekend, I had a pretty good Friday afternoon if I must say. Manicure, Check! Haircut, Check! Intelligentsia run and brunch with Angel, Check! Oh and the sun was out for once... Sounds like a PERFECT day to me. Off to one of our favorites, Avec, tonight for dinner. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! XO, Liza

Linda Farrow Vintage Sunglasses
Marc by Marc Jacobs Sweater
The Row Button Down Shirt
J Brand Jeans
Wool Argyle Socks
Melissa Mary Jane Wedges
Goyard St Louis Tote Bag
Various Gold Necklaces
Me & Ro Bird Necklace

Chanel "Riva" Nail Polish
Various Rings

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dinner Parties and Silver Nail Polish

Last night John and I hosted a couple of our closest friends at our house for a yummy home cooked meal and waaaaaaay too many bottles of wine. In the middle of my five hour cooking extravaganza I, of course, made time to throw on my newest nail polish shade I just snatched up! Normally I always don either RGB or Chanel shades, but I just purchased "DIAMOND GEEZER" by Butter London yesterday and I am beyond obsessed. Can we first take a moment of silence for the name of the color? Ha! Too funny! Often with silver nail colors, I worry that they will be too translucent, too 5th grader... but this one is so rad looking! It looks like metal or chrome?! I love love love it! Check out all of Butter London's fantastic colors here. I may be on to my next addiction!  They are $14 dollars a pop but hey, at least they're not $25 like Chanel, right? Oh and did I mention they are chemical free? Another reason to love this fabulous new line. Hmmm... clearly I am trying to rationalize my nail polish spending habit here. Ah, well... A girls nails need to look good. They are my little accessories as I have always said! Hope you're all having a great week! Kisses!

X. Jewls

Rozae Nichols Black Capelet
Rachel Pally Black Embellished Maxi Dress
Brass Vintage Choker Necklace
Presh Brown and Gold Chain Leather Wrap Bracelet
Erin Wasson Low Luv Ring
1920's Emerald Bloom Ring

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Item of the Day: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Cropped Yoke Shirt

So if there is one item at the moment I am absolutely crushing on for spring, it's this Rodarte for Opening Ceremony top. It was love at first sight I must say. Yes the price is high for a tiny little shirt ($495, eek), but look at it?! The puffed sleeves? The crocodile print bustier-esque front? The floral print yoke? The back with the buttons? It is AMAZING and I am OBSESSED.  The end. XO, Liza

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Outfit Post: Sister Sister Switch-A-Roo

Hello all my gorgeous readers. Those of you who have been reading my posts for the past two years know that I have been dying to take the plunge and go blonde, well, for about two years now!!! This past weekend I went for it! Then funny enough, my naturally blonde sister decided to come in and take on my natural color... red!!! So a "sister switch" of the decade went down. My incredible hairstylist, Verina, spent five hours a piece on a us and gave us the exact colors we were hoping for! I wanted a fun light honey blonde with a little bit of a punky edge and Allison wanted a nice light cinnamon cherry red. Here are the pictures as promised below. Enjoy! Happy Sunday loves!

X. Jewls

Juliana's Accessories:

All bracelet stacks: Shashi, available at Max and Chloe
1920's Emerald and Opal Cocktail Ring
Brass Peace Sign Ring
Chanel Lucite Confetti Ring
Noir, Emerald Stone and Pink Lucite Chanel Stacked Rings
My brother's Initial Monogrammed Gold Ring
RGB Oxblood Nail Polish, available at RGBcosmetics
Liza and I have a huge collection going. All their colors are sick sick sick amazing!

Allison's Accessories:

Chanel Green Crystal Charm Heart Necklace
1882 Gold Coin Pendant Necklace
Agate Lariat Necklace (made by me)
Gold Key Charm Necklace
Gold Monogrammed Cuff
1940's Belgium Cameo Ring 
1920's Rectangular ring from Kosova
See Eyeglasses
Chanel Black Pearl Nail Polish


Vintage Rabbit Fur Jacket
Kristensen Du Nord Chiffon and Cashmere Trim Cardigan
Cecilia Bucourt Embellished Chain Scarf
John's Black Wife Beater Tank
Love Yaya Black Leather Pants
Chanel Quilted Chain Purse
Rock and Republic Braiden Black Pumps


Max Azria Sweater Coat
Bordeaux Dress
LNA Black Leggings
Prada Boots
Rebecca Minkoff Handbag

Aaaaaaaand.... Just for fun!!!! A pre-dye photo below of our natural colors so that you guys can see the drastic switch!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Eddie Borgo

Originally working as a stylist and clothing designer, Eddie Borgo eventually realized that jewelry was his true forte. He debuted his collection in a 2009 runway show with famed contemporary designer, Philip Lim, and I guess you can say the rest is history! With fans such as Vanessa Traina, Rihanna, and Kate Lanphear, Borgo's line is made up of fabulous cuffs, necklaces, and earrings in the shape of padlocks, my personal favorite! I love this guy... his jewelry is fun and quirky, yet still has that classic feel to it. With a men's line and collaborations with Altuzarra and Jen Kao, many of Mr. Borgo's designs are available for purchase on his website. Ahhh so dangerous! Ha! Up next for Eddie? Fine jewelry, as he has said he'd love to add color to his designs. Check him out and his incredible pieces at XO, Liza

 Eddie Borgo

 Silver and Gold-Plated Bullet Cuff- This is amazing! I am obsessed and kind of need it now! Available here for $250.

 Spiked Fragrance Urn Pendant- These necklaces are great. Would wear the gold one everyday mixed in with my other pendants. Buy it here for $375.

Cone Bracelet- Another item I need now! Hahaha! Is it crazy I would wear these everyday as part of my bracelet stacks? Buy it here for $600.

These cuffs are drool-worthy! Unfortunately, they are not on his site at the moment. Boo.

 Bear Trap Ring- This is a great everyday ring. Love. Available here for $325.

Turned Padlock Studs- My favorite in the collection by far. These are so frigin cute, I can't stand it! I love delicate little earrings, so these would be perfect for me. Purchase them here for $190 a pair.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Liza's Favorite Hair Accessories

A girl can never have too many hair accessories... EVER! They ultimately pull an outfit together with ease and style and well... are super cute! My drawers practically are overflowing with them... Headscarfs, bows, you name it. Here are a few pictures of me in some of my favorites, as well as a select few I have my eye on at the moment. Check them out below! XO, Liza

First Row (from left to right): Bashashaindy Bow Headband, Vintage Scarf, Prada Turban Headband, L. Erickson Bow Headband
Second Row: Alexander McQueen Scarf, Jennifer Ouellette Bow Headband, Chanel Scarf, Stacey Lapidus Crystal Headband

Adia Kibur Floral Glitter Headband- Love this one and for 18 bucks? Good deal! I'd throw this on during the day and wear it into the night. Available here at!

Bashashaindy "Heather" Headband- This is the one I'm wearing in the first picture on the top left. It's a high quality satin and looks darling with the perfect party dress. Available here for $68.

Missoni Knit Headband- Every girl should have at least one Missoni headpiece, whether it be a scarf or this awesome stretchy headband! I have an endlessly long Missoni scarf that I wear around my neck or on my head, but this little baby is perfect for those not so good hair days. Available at Browns.

Eugenia Kim Solid Kelly Ruffled Barrette- Oh do I adore this one. My hair is definitely too short at the moment for it, but I can definitely see Jewls rocking this with her long mane! It may be absolutely huge, but it's so fun and such a statement. Available at Shopbop for $88.

Babooshka Studded Twist Turban- Looooving that turbans have made a comeback! Now I can whip out my Prada one from years ago more often! This one is pretty cool too. Available at Spanish Moss for $24.

Jennifer Ouellette Forehead Memory Headband- Jennifer Ouellette makes the best headbands, so it's no surprise I had to throw one of her designs in. Love how sweet this one is and it comes in a variety of colors. Available at Jennifer Ouellette for $65.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jewls Spring Sunglasses Selection

So for those of you who know me, you know about my problem. Ya know... that really big one that breaks my checking account every couple months. For those of you who don't know me, I'll go ahead and admit it... I have a sunglass addiction. I've had this illness forever. Unfortunately, the illness isn't cheap! But oh is it worth it! My collection is quite grand at this point and I treat them all like they are my children. Ha! I cannnot wait for the RODARTE for Opening Ceremony Snakeskin blue little babies to hit stores in March! I am going to hop in my car and zoom right over there to snatch them! They are so killer and will be a sick spring/summer pair to wear with everything. And oh yeah, if you can't tell... the floral ones by RODARTE are cloth!!! Could u die everywhere? I really can't take it. It's gonna be one broke summer for me, but my face is going to look unreal! I live for it! Below is a teensy collage including a few of my major binge sunglasses I don all the time. Hope you're all doing fantastic! Kisses!

X. Jewls

Listed by row:
Karen Walkers, Vintage YSLs, Balenciagas, Navy Karen Walkers, John stealing my forever old Marc Jacobs Aviators, Gold Rimmed Cazals, Illestevas

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outtakes Old and New

Thought I'd throw in a few pictures, some very old and some pretty new! Jewls and I have been best friends for what seems like forever, so it's obvious we have TONS of photos together. Hope you enjoy some of my fave "outtakes" below. XO, Liza

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