Thursday, September 9, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Mandy Coon

When I first laid eyes on this genius of a bag last week on, I kind of died everywhere. First thought... I need it NOW. Second, who is this Mandy Coon? I must know more about her because this creation she made is beyond brilliant! A velvet bunny that is a purse? Are you kidding? Well, New York based Mandy Coon is an ex- model turned designer. She interned with Camilla Staerk (a fave of Juliana and I) and was even part of a band. She designs mostly in blacks and her rabbit purse is a signature of hers. Supposedly, it has been selling like crazy. I kind of need to snag one asap! SO obsessed. Definitely more on Mandy later. She is one to watch! XO, Liza

Ginny Bunny Bag in Velvet- $405 at Opening Ceremony

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