Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Makeover Madness: Abbey Lee Kershaw

So before I begin posting about NYFW, I just had to put up this picture of model Abbey Lee Kershaw's new platinum blonde hair! Personally, I love it! Her hair color to me was always ehhh and this really pops on her fair skin. Everyone is calling it a bob though? Uhhh definitely not a bob... My hair now is a bob. This is still somewhat long, just not super long like her hair used to be. Anyways, I think it's great. Jewls, I think you should go this color. No joke. XO, Liza



  1. Yes the hair is cool,
    but the sunglasses are better!


  2. The sunglasses are pretty fab! Thanks for reading! XO, Liza and Jewls

  3. Lize,

    You think i should go this color? You don't think my face would totally disappear with my skin tone with how blonde it is??? Hmm.... intriguing... you know i have been every color under the sun except this one... you are tempting me. I just might... We need to discuss.

    X. Jewls


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