Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best Dressed of the Week: Nicole Richie

Alright alright... I know I am insanely procrastinating the shows from all the fashion weeks. I still haven't even finished checking out New York! Ahh! Jewls and I discussed this a few days ago... We really like to take our time when it comes to looking at all the slides. I hate doing it when I am rushing or super busy. I need to find a good time this week to do it because I am WAY behind! I am just dying to look at all the shows from Paris. Well anyways, I thought I'd do a quick best dressed of the week. Newly blonde Nicole Richie takes the win for the first week of October. I am so so happy she decided to chop her hair and dye it blonde, as I wasn't really feeling her long dark do. This is so much more fresh for the new season. Her outfit though to me is simple and darling. The dress is nice and easy and I absolutely adore the little jacket she has on over it. Some massive shades and strappy shoes complete her look. All in all... adorable. Happy weekend everyone! I am having a rainy night in with Angel, watching Food Network and eating some butternut squash soup. :) XO, Liza

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