Friday, October 8, 2010

My "Yes and No's" from Front Row Paris Fashion Week.

I am only going to cover a few shows at a time as it gets overwhelming! Lize I see has already explained that we become very "studious" during this time. I actually prefer Paris Fashion Week. The backstage, the accessories, the beauty coverage, the parties... Ah, I live for all the little details. So bear with me as I slowly depict them all for myself and for all of you guys! I have been working crazy long days for what seems like the last month with a quick seven day jaunt back to the East Coast. Now I am back in LA and off to Santa Barbara today with work for the weekend. Guh. Ah well...Wifi seems to be available where I am going, so I won't abandon you guys. I promise!

On to the more important stuff. Front row looks from Chanel, Miu Miu, McQueen and Louis Vuitton. I have some "love it" and some "hate its". Off I go. Let the discussions begin. Hope you're all fabulous! I have misssssed you!

X. Jewls


Leigh Lezark. Don't run into me or I will literally rip this dress off of you Cinderella style. Agh, so stunning. This is my favorite.

Oliver Zahm and Poppy Delvigne. "The cool guys". I love this shot.

Ellen Von Unwerth. One of my absolute idols. I would kill to do a shoot with her, style it or have her photograph me. I would take whatever I could get. She is such a genius.

Alexa Chung and Lily Allen. So cute.

Vanessa Paradis looking mysterious and chic as usual.

Clemence Posey looking like a baby doll like she always does.

Rachel Bilson. This is terrible. No no no.

Rita Ora. This is fun but a little on the tactless side for me. I get it for her though.


Alexa looking very ladylike, but brush your hair?

Jessica Chastain looking deliciously high cheekboned and elegant. For those of you who are as obsessed with the book "The Help" as I am, she is cast to play Celia Foote! Agh, I love it!

Alexandra Richards. Looking a little worn out. Not into this at all.

Amber Rose. We can't deny that she has a really beautifully proportioned face, but the rest of it has always just been "ick" to me.


Anna Della Russo. This was my only pick from McQueen. This the perfect mix of functional and costumey. I know I am nuts for saying that but I really would wear
that headpiece all over the place. I LIVE FOR IT.


My favorite look from Alexa so far. Lize and I would both snatch this dress in a heartbeat.

Ri, you are trying way too hard. Woah. This is bad bad bad. Too much color and too much accessory. Too much fur. Too much print. Like where is the human being? TOO MUCH EVERYTHING. Not into this look AT ALL.

Dakota, yes you are the best actress of your age but dressing like a capsule of Pepto Bismol does not suit you. I'm sorry. Not into this one either. Her make-up on the other hand is fresh and completely age appropriate. Thumbs up there.

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