Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jewls 13 New Creative Hairstyles for Spring/Summer

Good afternoon, darling loves. I don't know about you guys, but having long hair isn't always a blast. I often get bored and feel totally uninspired about how to wear it. I have recently made more of an effort to play with it and research new styles to create. Now I am remembering why I love having wild long hair! Not to mention, my face just does NOT work with short hair. Unlike Liza, who has the best features for a "short do". I have slowly been cajoling her into getting a super short hair cut like Ginnifer Goodwin (pictured below in our Met Gala post). It would look so daring and strikingly gorgeous on her. Help me encourage and convince her guys! She could use an edgy change for fun! Ok, back to the point! This post is dedicated to me sharing with all of you the amazing hairstyles that I have found, tried, and successfully worn! They are super easy to do and don't take tons of product that will break your bank. Honestly, my hair is down to my waist and I only own some hairspray and mousse that I got out of a gift bag from my boss, some bumble and bumble wax and gel, and some moroccan oil spray. That is ALL I use. I don't like having sticky hair or feeling like it's weighed down. Especially when my man is constantly playing with it. Nothing ruins a moment more than when your boy gets stuck in a tangle! Agh! So these are all cheap fun tips that won't require too many new purchases. ;) I have included "how to's" with each hairstyle! Enjoy and let me know which one is your favorite! Happy Thursday babies! The weekend is almost here! Time to pick out one of my hairstyles to wear for Friday night! Yow!

X. Jewls

"The Fishtail Braid". My latest and greatest. Ok, I know I am a little old to just now be learning how to do this braid, but it looks way more complicated than it is! My sister and I have been wondering for ages how to do this, so I jumped onto youtube three days ago and watched a tutorial like a total child! It really is the best way to learn. You have to watch someone else do it to understand. This is definitely my new summer braid. I wore it yesterday with a massive ribbon tied around my head. It was adorable. If you are like me, and still don't know how to do this braid right, (bahaha), watch this "how to" video on youtube. You'll realize how unbelievably easy it is and totally laugh at yourself! I did!
"The Ribbon Braid".  I first saw this on Refinery 29, one of my all time fave sites, and I immediately remembered that I had an entire box full of super expensive hand dyed ribbons that I was planning to make necklaces with from years ago. I dug em' out and went braid crazy. I ended up with this look and my fiance walked in and was like, "Woah!!! Hair salon in here!" It looked so cute! I have the perfect amount of a tan from the last few weekend days at the beach, and a few freckles strewn across my cheeks and nose. So I just put on a little bit of teal eye liner, mascara and a light pink lipstick and I was set. Such an awesome look! Especially for a day at the beach. Go to any material or fabric store and grab up some ribbon, girls... this is a must do "do" for spring/summer!
"The Four Part Ribbon Braid".  Here is a more elegant way of doing this look. Pull your hair into four sections and braid four separate braids. Secure a rubber band at the top of each braid where you will include the top of the ribbon. As you braid, keep the ribbon in place with one of the sections of the braid. When done, loosely bobby pin the braids up at the nape of your neck. VOILA! Gorgeous to wear out for a cocktail party. Imagine if these ribbons were black, even sexier. I live for this look.
 Had to include this top view. To keep fly away's from ruining your look, use a Bumble & Bumble Sculpting Gel and rub a minimal amount through your hair at the beginning of braiding. Another thing I have found to help through trial and error... braid while your hair is still mildly damp! You will have more control over the braid this way!  Also, a day later once you have slept in it, take the braids out carefully... spray a tiny amount of hairspray all over the ends of hair (not the crown, it will weigh it down) and boom, you have perfect crimpy beach waves!!! A great way to have an awesome "hairdo" for a dinner party that you weren't prepared for. Haha, I do it all the time. And the best part is, it looks like you killed yourself to make your hair look amazing. Hehehe, it's our little secret.
Braided looks from the runway for inspiration!
"The High Pony Tail Braid". Again, this hairstyle is great if you don't have time to make your hair look awesome before a night out. I yank this style out all the time when work has kept me late, I often do it right in my car before evening plans! Brush all the tangles out of your hair, and flip your head over. Secure a high pony tail with a rubber band, then rub a minimal amount of bumble and bumble styling gel through the crown of your hair (it doesn't take much). Then tightly braid the rest of your pony all the way down (if you have the time, do a fishtail braid for a more complex look), then secure the end with another rubber band. If it is day time, a BBQ or pool party, tie a little ribbon at the bottom to lighten up the look a tad!
 "The Simple Messy Side Braid". I have found that with such long hair, doing a simple side braid with my hair perfectly combed looks a little Pocahontas-ish. (Yes, I just made that an adjective, ha!) Lately, I have been loving the way MK's braids look so messed up and teased at the top. I tried it the other week, where I braided the side loosely, sprayed a teensy bit of hairspray to my crown, took a comb, and teased the immortal crap out of the top. I parted it on the side and secured it with a massive jeweled barrette. It looked unreal. I will be doing this all summer. I just need to collect more barrettes!
 "The Mini Crimped Look". Again, first seen on our lovely Refinery 29 fashion website. Who says crimping needs to stay in the 80's?! I say let's rock it now, girls! If it is put up in a sweet little knot like this, I think it is darling and totally a fresh take on crimping. I would love to find some little butterfly hair combs to stick in that knot! How cute is this?  Gold N' Hot makes a great crimper and won't break your bank.
"The Mini Pompadour". Another one of my favorites right now. I know some girls that are really intense about their hair, use rollers and know how to blow dry it perfectly. I am most definitely not that serious about mine. I have found that this look is super easy to execute by just showering at night, combing your hair into two high pig tail pieces, twist your hair around itself into two tight buns, (think Natalie Portman as Princess Leia in Star Wars, haha). Sleep like this and when you wake up, take them down. If they are still damp, blow dry on low, add mousse, hairspray, and then scrunch with your hands. Then tease the crown section of your hair forward and pin at the very top with several bobby pins to hold the pompadour in place. If you still have fly away's, always use a little gel then pin into the pompadour. For a more Brigitte Bardot look, blow dry hair straight and flip out the ends with a curling iron. Also, super fast and sexy! Cat eye eyeliner optional. ;)
"Teased Birds Nest". That is what I am calling this hairstyle because that is exactly what is looks like. I feel like you would find bird eggs in there! Haha! This is so easy to do. Throw your head over, secure an insanely high pony on the top of your head. Smooth down crown with your good ole' bumble gel, and then go insane teasing the entire pony. When nice and "squirrel-ish" looking, start wrapping the pony around itself while securing it with bobby pins. That is it, ladies! Done and done! For a fun day time Breakfast at Tiffany's look, add a massive bow clip to the front. I have bought loads of them from American Apparel. They have super cute leather ones!
"The Scarf Wrapped Teased Pony". Ok, I know this may only be for my more experimental girls, but I love this look. It is very Marc Jacobs runway I admit, but with a tan and a nice all white ensemble, this is sick looking. Basically just curl your entire head with a curling iron and instead of locking curls in perfect place with hairspray... just brush it all out! Then secure pony with a pony tail holder and tie a scarf around it! Boom! So 70's and an adorable, unpredictable addition to any outfit! I live for this one!
"A Sleek Side Part Twist". I have always been afraid to gel my hair totally down. I feel like their is something so Clark Gable about it! AGH! But I finally tried it and with the right amount of black eyeliner on the top eyelid, and a really bright lip (coral looked rad), this hairstyle looked insaaaaaaanely chic! No joke. Just part your hair on the side, add gel to crown and comb through. Secure hair at nape, and pull hair into two sections adding more gel, twist them around each other then secure with another elastic ban. So Lily from Gossip Girl! I love this! It would look killer with a super glitzy choker necklace!
"Sexy Volumized Blowout".  I don't want to leave those of you out that have shorter hair! ;) I love this look. Of course, I am partial because my love Sasha is modeling. All you need to do to accomplish this style is rub mousse into your hair while it is damp and blow dry it upside down and to the side with a huge round brush! When done, add a little Bumble & Bumble Wax to the end to give it a "piece-y look"! So hot, right?
"Sexy Hippie Beach Waves". I feel like all men live for this look. Nothing quite says, "I don't care what you think" like a sexy wavy bed head. I love it! Again, this is one that people can do with rollers or curling irons, I don't! I literally take a shower at night, throw my head over, and wrap my hair around itself into an insanely tight top as high as I possibly can on the top of my head. In the morning, I carefully let it out, add hairspray and rub a tiny bit of Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine Creme through the tips for a piece-y bed head look. Boom. Done. So easy and so effortless looking. Did I mention that your hair will smell divine?
"The Bejeweled Bun". It truly is amazing how fast you can dress up your hair with just a simple barrette. Throw your hair back into a messy bun, tease the crown just a tad, and secure with hairspray. Then take a long preferably jeweled barrette if it is night time, and pull it up the side behind your ear. You will be amazed at how much dressier and pulled together you will feel!
"Hair Accessory Ideas from the Runway". 

Now, where oh where to find these fantastic hair accessories I speak of... have no fear loves... I have already found them for you. Check out all of my options below at these websites I have listed for you! Cheap and fun! No need for $100 barrettes here. I may be pretty extravagant, but that is ridiculous. We need to save that money for shoes, right? Ha! 

Below are my top 10 websites that I have carefully peeled through to find us all the best selection of hair accessories for spring/summer! We are going to look awfully cute! Boys, look out!

1. Planet Blue. Number one on my list are these amazing beaded hair barrettes that Planet Blue is carrying right now. Check them out!

2. Boutique To You. Crazy rad head pieces! Think feathers. This site is super worth clicking through!

3. Shopbop. Duh, they have the best of everything. I mean what do they not carry???

4. Anthropologie. They have darling jeweled barrettes and clips made of cute fabrics!

5. Shop Nasty Gal. If you are looking for some affordable dope headbands, look no further. 

6. American Apparel. They really do have an adorable selection of everything for hair. I always buy in mass when I pop in an AA store.

7. Long Hair Girl. This site is beyond random, but I was so happy when I stumbled on it because their barrettes are sick and just huge enough! I always need big ones to hold all my thick hair in place!

8. Modcloth. They stock insanely cute bows and hair accessories for close to nothing!

9. Topshop. Of course they have loads of inexpensive hair accessories. For more floral day time clips, check here.

10. Forever 21. They have a great selection of bejeweled pieces and cute headbands right now. I have a bag full of 37 headbands from here, I counted. I have an addiction.

PS: Shout out of thanks to Refinery29 for featuring my article today in their "5 Thing To Know This AM"! Love to our favorite editor, Shani, over at Refinery.


  1. I always want to have long hair to try all these inspiring hairstyles but I always end up having a haircut before...!

    Many thanks for stopping by, I do love your blog!! :)

  2. I love all these hair styles! I was getting so bored with my long hair too, but now i have some fun hairstyles to try out :) thanks!

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  5. Now you see why I was boooorging and not paying attention to you on the phone, sis. I have like 1000 ribbons, I'll give you some on Saturday. Let's get ready together and do Fro Marc Ponies. Hahahaha.

  6. looove braids!! Especially the fishtail. I wish my hair was long enough to do these!


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    p.s. you're totally referring to me as one of the people who can perfectly curl/blow out their hair...i'm a little ocd about it.

    p.p.s. is it possible to request a post? i want one on summer dresses :) or if you did one and i missed it, refer me to it

  8. Thanks for the ideas! I'm growing my hair back out, and I'll definitely be giving some of these a try this summer!

  9. I remember those hand-dyed ribbons. They were amazing! Love the 4 section braid and the "teased the immortal crap out of" ponytail!!!

  10. i love the fabric wrapped in the braid!

    <3 steffy
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  11. Hey girls! I just wanted to thank you for following my blog and let you know that I love yours! I'll come back soon! ;)

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  15. these are the days I wish my hair was longer. It's currently boring. I love the fishtail braid look, the high ponytail braid and gorgeous waves.

  16. adore this post- amazebelles xo xo

  17. this is great! At the moment I'm trying to figure out my hair for my commencement/graduation dinner! This definitely gave me some ideas!

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