Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Liza and Jewls Best and Worst Dressed of the MET Gala

Although these posts tend to get a bit overdone, as practically every blogger covers them, I just couldn't NOT review this year's Met Gala, honoring the amazing career of the late designer Alexander McQueen. From the countless film festivals to the award shows and now the Met Ball, I've made sure to do posts on all of our favorite fashion events from the time Jewls and I began this blog. I know you guys all love em!  For this one, I decided to review our best dressed and have Jewls join me to cover our worst dressed. After all, her comments make me laugh out loud every single time. Check out our picks below and let us know which ones are your favorites and which ones are just plain YUCK! XO, Liza and Jewls

Best Dressed:

Elle Fanning in Valentino Couture- What a little doll Elle is! I adore her to pieces. This dress is perfectly age appropriate and absolutely precious. I am completely and utterly obsessed and would wear this frock in a heartbeat! The shoes too are just darling. Perfection!
Freida Pinto in Chanel Haute Couture- Wow. This gown on Freida, compete with the tie, is so sexy and sleek. I am LOVING that neck and the off the shoulder sleeves. Her hair looks great too. Very sultry and elegant. 
Ginnifer Goodwin in Custom Topshop- Stunning is all I can say about this whole look on Ginnifer. From her hair to her necklace to the dress, everything about this is GORGEOUS. There is nothing more that I love than a tight long sleeved dress with a splash of uber sexiness. Those cut outs on the side, the v neck, the little slit on the bottom? Agh! Oh and her hair? Obseeeesssed.
Hailee Steinfeld in Stella McCartney- Another little lady on the Hollywood scene killing it, one dress after another. This Stella gown is beyond beautiful and it fits her absolutely perfectly. I am adoring that hemline too. Simple hair and funky shoes complete her entire look. Five stars!
Alexa Chung in Christopher Kane- How can a fashion event be fashionable without Alexa Chung on the best dressed list? I really think it is impossible for her to ever look bad. This little dress is just so fun and SO her. She is truly everyone's favorite fashionista. 
Ashley Olsen in Vintage Christian Dior Haute Couture- Another one of our top fashionistas is Ashley Olsen, KILLING it in this stunning Dior piece. It's a bit 80's Dynasty, but I can't help but loooove it. She is the perfect person to pull it off with elegance and ease.

Worst Dressed:

Blake Lively in Chanel Haute Couture- Blake looks like she just got crowned Miss America. What was she thinking with this gown? I know people think of her as a bit of a "fashion icon", but honestly I think she has just been around so many unreal garms in Gossip Girl's wardrobe department. Oh yeah, and Karl's mysterious fascination with her probably helps her cause. She's channeling Janet Jackson's superbowl wardrobe malfunction fiasco with this one. Lil' Kim would have worn this beautifully. 
Alicia Keys in Givenchy- Alicia, Alicia, Alicia... You look like a muddy crocodile. Go back to the swap and try again. This is so bad. Maybe with the hair down straight and minus the jacket it would have worked, but this is just terrible! Well, no that belt just ruins everything. Throw the whole thing in the garbage!
Kirsten Dunst in Chanel Haute Couture- Kirsten, I normally support your choices, but this was really bad for your body type. A little granny-ish and way too sparkly for that length and print. I say no. Sorry little love.
Serena Williams in Oscar De La Renta- This looks like some sort of horrific reality show for bridezillas. If I had a nightmare of walking down the aisle in the ugliest white dress imaginable, this is what I would be wearing. And can we talk about the marshmallow firework that is bursting out of her head? Burn this!!!
Rihanna in Stella McCartney- Yo Ariel, give those braids a rest!!!! The Met Gala? A braid? Really? That is honestly just disrespectful. You're not running out to get coffee or going to the beach... you are wearing a gown for God's sake. A hideous one at that, but a gown none the less. Ri, pull it together.
Iman in Stella McCartney- Iman, you look like Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket! You just walked out of Studio 54! What is this jumpsuit?!! How old are you?!?! Noooooo!!! This is so so so bad! The disco days need to stay in the 70's!


  1. Haha, I love reading your opinions, and agree with most of them. I love Elle Fanning's dress too, it's adorable and perfect for her! And while I'm not Alexa's biggest fan, I love that CK dress. And you're so spot on about Alicia Keys.... haha, go back to the swamp and try again!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. Elle looks cute. I think she have adorable style. serena? It is so ugly!!!

    And Blake! She is worst! i have seen a lot these posts today and don't get why people crown her best dressed??? She looks scary?/ almost like man. like that actor from Batman. whats his name. Val Killmer. ciao.

  3. Ashley Olsen's dress is elegant but strange...only someone like her can pull things like that off!
    Love your commentaries.

  4. Thank you for pointing out the Blake Lively/Karl Lagerfeld mess. I DON'T understand. She is not a classic beauty, and she does not have her own sense of style. It really bothers me. She's just like Eva Mendes, they use their sex appeal to act like they're classy. I love most Chanel, but this looks like a transparent bathingsuit with a toga cover, and she looks like a stoned wax figure. p.s. can we talk about the hideous blue curtain Eva was wearing?
    Great post as always, ladies, spot on! Thank you for not just following what everyone else says and including the fun commentary and opinions, love it. Dare I say, I live for it?? -A

  5. BAHAHHAHHAHAHHAA!!!!!!!! Allison, I just died laughing. That is the best call ever. Total bathing suit toga. I am literally sobbing laughing. Your comment is amazing.

    And yes I agree, Eva's dress was totally all wrong and she belted it to top it all off.. my number one no no. Ugh, it was horrible. Such a bad choice for her.

    Ahhh, laughing is good for the soul. Love you sister!

  6. Absolute shocker for Kirsten Dunst! Love what Steinfeld wore though! x

  7. I think my favorite of the night was Anna Wintour (I think she was wearing Channel?) but Elle Fanning came close in my heart too!

    Also: did you see Beyoncé in that dress she could definitely not walk in (thigty tight tight!)

    I'm super happy to have found your blog and thanks for following me :)


  8. I really loved Ashley Olsen in that vintage Dior, she wore it well. Fun post girls :)

  9. i loved Hailee Steinfeld and Ashley Olsen's the best!


  10. wow, really enjoyed reading this post! Love your blog! Definitely going to follow..follow back?(:

    xoxo Uyen

  11. OMG, you are so funny. I love your best and worst dressed at the Met Gala. Great blog!


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  12. I never like anything Rhianna wears.
    I am stunned that Blake looks so miserable.
    I think Ashley looks amazing!
    Ginnifer was my favorite! I think she is so unique!

  13. Blake Lively looks like hell, I'm sorry to say that but it's true.

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