Sunday, December 27, 2009

Outfit Post: In Chicago with Liza!

Okay, so I rented a car for the day to be able to drive all the way down to Chicago from Grand Rapids, MI... I say all the way it took me like two hours. Loved the road trip though. Nothing better than driving in a snow blizzard with an americano and some great music. No seriously, I live for it. Anyway, I got here and Lize and I both took my 12 bags up to her apartment... and busted straight to Intermix and Barney's. Sale sale sale, but nothing we lived for. The checking accounts are safe at the end of this day at least! We then shlepped to Blockbuster and cried all the way there because the wind is so wicked here. We rented True Blood, got popcorn and nuclear gummy sqorms, and we are set. We came home and I popped in the bath to thaw out my little weak LA body threw thermals on, and got all wrapped up in bed. Here we are... blogging, eating my mother's homemade chex mix, drinking champagne in bed, and waiting for our pizza to be delivered. The vacation with my Lize begins in our hometown! Watch out... we might get a little nuts with the photo posts!

X. Jewls


Vintage Fur Coat
Vintage Cazal Sunglasses
Vintage Silk Blouse
Blaine Cashmere Cardigan
Leather Pants
Ash Sneakers
Bottega Venetta Bag

Wool Cat Ear Hat
Chanel Sunglasses
Vintage Coat
Kain Cropped Top
Marley Leggings
Marc by Marc Jacobs Combat Boots
Miu Miu Bag

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