Friday, April 16, 2010

BFF's: Snejana Onopka and Sasha Pivovarova

These photos melt my heart! They remind me so much of Liza and I. Snejana, 24, is from the Ukraine. She got scouted out of nowhere and boom! Notoriously ridiculed for her weight at 99 lbs, she took a leave of absence and came back at 121 lbs. I say EVERYONE LEAVE HER ALONE and let her work  on it! While most of her photo shoots are "eh...", she is adorable and seems to be a good friend. I like her. 

X. Jewls

I live for this.

The most gorgeous bff's ever. Agh!

I want this jacket.



Pretty damn good shot.

Hanging out.

I'm not a huge Stam fan... but I have to say, Jessica looks sick here.

Always lurking around sitting. Hilarious.

Gossiping over texts.


XOXO Gossip Girl with matching handbags.

Haha! They both look sedated. I love how they are still cute with all that stuff in their hair.

 Silly girls.

So pretty. Even with the raccoon eyes. Backstage at Versace.

I love Sasha's face here.

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