Friday, April 16, 2010

Sasha Pivovarova: Best Model Street Style

It's really no secret that models have the best sense of style. Sasha in particular has a knack for throwing the most amazing pieces together in a "chic couture bag lady" way. In my opinion, she has sort of picked up where the Olsens left off in 2003. She is still a bit under the radar to fashion magazines... where no one is really calling her a "style icon" yet, but she is absolutely one of mine. Not to mention I think she pulls the most personality out of her shoots over any other model. She is such a talent. Being our age, 25... she has accomplished a lot. She was on a dead path as an art history student at the Russian University for Humanities when a photog friend of hers took some snaps and landed her a contract with IMG models. She then walked Prada in her first runway show and they obviously loved her and signed her to a three year ad contract. To be as short and a little on the the thicker side, she has bent all the rules of modeling, which no one has done since Kate Moss... and I think that's awesome! Here are some snapshots of her killing all of her everyday looks.

X. Jewls

My favorite look. What is on her head?! I need it!

So perfect.

Looks a lot like my fur coat.

Killing Rodarte.

Sketching at a shoot. I love it.

I want all of this.

Can we please all band together and find this hat? I want it so bad!


Another favorite. Very gothic Rick Owens looking.

Rocking Giambattista Valli.

She is wrapped in friggin' Dior paper bags and still looks stunning.


Just had to throw this in here. Can't take how cute her face is. So genuine.

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