Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wildfox Couture Fall 09' Lookbook

OK, so not to overkill this line, but after Lize posted about it, I went and looked at all the advertisement pictures and FELL IN LOVE. I have been looking for good shoots to post that are silly, messy and full of life and boom! Here we go! Ok, there are like a million but every single one of them makes me so happy!

X. Jewls

This girl on the far left is so stunning. She's like a more defined Mischa.


Legs, legs, legs.

Ummm... how many photos do we take in the bathroom?! Hahaha.

I need to track down that underwear! OMG, so cute!

Love the overexposure in this one.

What are these sunglasses? Give them to me right now.

So cute.

My favorite! We have identical pics of us jumping off of a couch.

This is so us at 3 AM.

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