Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Raining in LA and I'm Feeling Gothic

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Hey guys. I have been out of society and away from friggin' civilization for the past week! Went to Nashville, TN to see the family with John and had no internet there. Then I went up into the woods to a gorgeous lake with his family to have future in-law time and had no internet there either... and no cell reception for that matter!! Ha! Now while that was incredibly peaceful and I looooooved being able to drop off the face of the planet for a while, I DID really miss blogging and getting to chat with you guys. So back to it!
Feeling a little over the sunshine and LA in general. I am ready for some fall... is that weird? Even though we don't even really get one here! Gah! No seasons in this stupid town! (Can you guys tell I'm having one of my "I hate LA days")? Anyways, I was purusing through Oak NYC's site and found several things that I could totally snatch right now. Hope you all had an amazing 4th of July!

X. Jewls

In agreement with Lize, we are not huge fans of long maxis but this Kris Van Assche is different. There is a lightness and elegance that I am drawn to. I love the slit and the little suspender detail. I could see myself wearing this with boots all through the fall.

So darling.

Gee Wa Wa Female Fatale Platforms. I want to wear these on my feet now and start roughing them up!!!

Love em. So ridiculous, gothic, and fun.

Kaylee Tankus Harem Pants. Ok ok... I know. The drop crotch is a little worn out, but there is still a part of me that craves throwing them on when I am feeling lazy. It's just an easy look! I can't give it up just yet.

Osborn Design Polka Dot Booties. I'm sorry. These are just too precious to not grab up. Ha! With sheer Chanel tights, a little skirt, and white poofy blouse? Ugh, now!

Las Jewelry Gazelle Ring. I want him.

OTBT Murphy Gladiator Sandal. These are what I call a perfect combination of hideous/cute and innovative. Ha! Kind of industrial looking... I am into it. Paired with jean short cut offs, a big white tee stolen from my man's closet, and a gaudy necklace. I'd be good with these on.

Love the ugly laces and the zipper. So old school looking.

Surface to Air Silver Skull Studs. Great day to days when you're feeling moody.

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