Thursday, July 1, 2010

Model Obsession: Elisa Sednaoui

She's Karl Lagerfeld's new muse, Christian Louboutin is her godfather, and she's absolutely stunning. Need I say more? Elisa Sednaoui, a gorgeous twenty-something model from Italy, recently caught my eye while I was reading the July issue of Vogue. Her mom, who was once a model and even an editor for Italian Vogue, is Elisa's style inspiration. I love this girl... She's got a subtle slyness/sexiness to her. Check out the photos of this up and coming fashion plate below. So sorry the blog updates have been slacking as of lately. Jewls is out of town and I have been a busy busy bee! Promise more to come soon! XO, Liza

Elisa on the streets of New York, where she resides at the moment.

LOVE this shot.

She reminds me of a cat here. Haha! Love it!

How great is this outfit? I love the dress and t-straps... and I spy a Chanel belt!

Purple fur? WOW!

Obsessed with this one.

Long long legs.

This jacket is unreal.

I think this is my favorite picture of the bunch. So natural and simple.

Walking the runway...


  1. Agreed. Simply stunning.

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