Saturday, July 31, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Karla Spetic

Comfy cardigans, innocent four year old prints, fabulous dresses with geometric cuts? Um, yes... Those are basically my three go to's when looking for basics for myself. I have more oversized cashmere and cable knit sweaters than I can fit in my closet... and I wear them all!! Always searching for more to add to my collection too. Well, Australian designer Karla Spetic's A/W 2010 collection is utter perfection to me. I could completely snag each of these pieces below. I really adore how she gets away with these silly prints while keeping her silhouettes modern. I like to dress girly sometimes, but keeping the silhouette and cut a little on the edgier side is definitely preferable and she nails it here on these dresses and overcoats. New obsession for me for sure! Love love love this collection. :) Off to more of my lazy Saturday night in with John. Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend!

X. Jewls

Both. on. me. now. Aggghhhhhhh! Cardigan dress? What? Yes! And what is this on the right? I wish I had multiple views, but I want it anyway. Now!

Can't handle this. I just can't. The shorts... the blazer... So darling. It takes someone pretty daring to roll around in that. Ugh, I love it.

The coat on the right. Stunning. I would live in that. The dry cleaning bill would be steep. Haha... but oh so worth it!

Love her split colored cards and the swing dress. So sweet.

Cable knit skirt. Killer. I would lose the scarf, but I love the skirt.

The dress on the right is such an amazing use of fabric.

Tomboy in orange. Yes, please.

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