Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Wish List... At Least For Today.

La Garconne has it's dry spells as most of us fashion cult members know. Sometimes they have a load come in that makes us want to drop dead because our checking accounts just aren't quiiiiite big enough. Other times it's easy on the heart because the pieces on their site sit and sit and ultimately become stale to our eyes. Well, now it is one of those times where I'd like to go walk out into a forest, find a money tree, and shake it. The site has ex-paaaah-loded with adorable pieces this week. So with that being said, here is my wish list for what I would like to have on my body... TODAY! Plus some yummies from Net-A-Porter and Forward Forward

X. Jewls

ACNE. In love with this little blouse. Timeless. Must have.

The collar tie can be buttoned up as shown or it can hang down. Gorgeous.

Love the tuxedo back. L.o.v.e.

Vanessa Bruno Tricot Cashmere and Wool Jacket. Perfect for fall cold nights. I am obsessed with the cut and color of this piece. I would get a ton of wear out of this.

House of Holland Lace Shorts. A fun and easy throw on.


It's $1250. It's tiny.., I would only fit a lipstick, a phone, and a credit card in this thing!! Agh, it's hard to justify. Then again, I would take it with me every time I went out for a quick bite or drink... guhhhhhh.... can ya tell that I am trying to make it seem like a rational purchase? I just love it sooo much!

See by Chloe Wedge Clog. Done deal. Easy. Cute like the Rachel Comey ones I posted earlier. I want tons of these. So darling. I've been a tad irritated at how clogs have been played out as a trend, but I want to carry them through the fall paired with lightweight open billowing blouses, houndstooth shorts, tights and/or knee highs, and a cute preppy pea coat. That way I freshen the trend up a bit cause I am not quite ready to let it go yet. ;)

Adore the leather wrapping around the back. Killer.

forwardforward.com, lagarconne.com, net-a-porter.com

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