Friday, November 5, 2010

Black Listed

Web site spotlight: IDONTLIKEMONDAYS.US

I love love love this site. I am in a head to toe black mood today so here is my fantasy outfit. At times it feels so refreshing to just wear all black. It is simple, clean, chic, and with an unexpected silhouette, it has a strange classiness to it... And in a messy, overproduced, provoked, premeditated, miscellaneous outfit trend around us... sometimes it's just nice to go ALL monochromatic! Hope you're all fab and have a good weekend!

X. Jewls

Pepper Pistol Tunic. $565. This piece is sick.

Improvd Wool Coat. I want to snatch this for winter. (In LA. Ha, if you can even say that). Whatever, I want this coat. The construction is unreal. $319.

Vibe Johansson Suede Zip Pants. Ok, these... I am in pain about. You can zip and reveal however much suede as you please. These are killer. They are actually shown with the Pepper Pistol Tunic above which I just noticed. I would wear these to death. I need need need these!!!! Such a great basic. $381.

Jeffery Campbell Bal-Nu Flat Boot. I feel like a punky witch would wear these. Ha. Great with jeans, tights and a dress, knee highs and a skirt, thermals and a big fabulous overcoat. Ugh, the possibilities are endless. They would be a surprise pop into any outfit. A definite must have. $229.

Barbara Gongini Fur Bag. Creepy, but amazing. This is a great alternative when you don't want to have to hold a clutch all night long. Such a nice new take on a fur bag. I am into it. $152.

Lady Grey Ring. So me. I want it now. $132.

Barbara Gongini. This ring is made out of recycled rubber. Bahaha! I love it! So fabulous and fun! $77.

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