Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shoot of the Day: Ashley Smith for Jalouse

This shoot adequately sums up my mood today. You really can't beat having some fantastic lingerie on accompanied by a "way too big for you" voluminous wooly mammoth coat. There is something so Elizabeth Taylor and epic about the look. I live for it.

Photographed by: Edouard Plongeon

Styled by: Anne Sophie Thomas

X. Jewls

This shot is so stunning. I really can't stand it. The lighting, the luggage, the headband, her leg and the pump. So gorgeous.

I love her hair all messed up and dangling in her face and don't EVEN get me started on how stunning the lingerie is in this shot. Ohhhhhh... I need it all to breathe.

Clean, fresh, and she literally has cleaning supply in her skirt.

Gluttony in a kick ass fur. Amazing.

This looks so good to me right now. I want to take off on a boat. Let's go!

Becoming one with the bed... and that coat. I'm jealous of the relationship. I want in.


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