Sunday, November 14, 2010

MOCA Los Angeles Gala

All of Hollywood's fashionistas were out last night at the MOCA Los Angeles Gala and they all looked absolutely beautiful... decked in Chanel of course! Everyone looked impeccable, but I did have a top fave. Check out the pictures below. XO, Liza

Kirsten Dunst- Although it is quite simple, I think this dress is my favorite out of the bunch! It reminds me of something from the 1920's... something that Daisy Buchanan from "The Great Gatsby" would wear. I adore it. Her short hair is perfect with it too.

Ginnifer Goodwin- This is pretty stunning. The bottom is fabulous and I really love that neckline. Ginnifer is one of the few in Hollywood that can pull off that haircut because she has such a pretty face.

Rachel Bilson- Meh. I really can't stand this girl. I hate to be mean, but when is the last time she has been in something? She is ALWAYS at all the events getting photographed and I can't figure out why? Kind of strange...but her dress was pretty awesome I must admit. It's not everyones cup of tea, but I think all the details on it are magnificent. Her hair looks pretty, but it may have been nice if she had worn a low chignon with that dress.

Mila Kunis- Love her, but I'm not sure I am completely sold on the dress. Mila always looks gorgeous though. So pretty and I love her vibrant personality.

Kate Bosworth- Really... when does Kate Bosworth not look perfect? She always hits it out of the ballpark when it comes to fashion. She has such great street style in addition to when she has to dress up for events.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale- I love these two together. They are such a great couple. Always perfectly polished and chic. Gavin looks hip and handsome, while Gwen looks effortlessly cool. Love her style.

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