Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hats Off!

Although I don't wear them alllll the time, I will admit that hats are definitely one of my top favorite accessories. They always complete the outfit you are wearing and just add that extra little "oomph." The icing on the cake! There are a TON of cute new ones on the market right now, but I think I have found the absolute perfect headpieces out there. Six fashion forward unique hats that are sure to make a statement. Is it crazy that I want every single one? Gah! Check them all out below! XO, Liza

Rag & Bone Kingsley Hat- Such a fabulous hat. I love the size, as it's bigger then a fedora, but smaller then your typical floppy hat. Available here in olive green for $160.

 Eugenia Kim Kurt Rope Trimmed Panama Hat- This is the perfect one for the upcoming season, as well as that vacation I have been dying to take! I would probably put this on after I've had too much sun on my face for the day... Not to mention it would look beyond adorable with my Missoni bikini. ;) Available for $260 at NET-A-PORTER.

Melissa Odabash Jemima Woven Sunhat- How chic would this big floppy hat look with a little crochet cover-up and a pair of Havaianas? I can see it now! Definitely wearable too with a cropped tank and jean cut offs for the daytime. Available here for $120.

Anda and Masha Anita Hat- This one is kind of my new obsession! I saw it a few weeks ago and then remembered it again today when I decided to do a hat post. I am in love with the feather and beaded tassel. A perfect hat in my eyes if you ask me... Available at Singer 22 for $297.

 Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Tom Petty Hat- Ahh... This one kills me! The Rodarte for Opening Ceremony collaboration is absolutely unreal. Every single piece in that collection is pure perfection and this hat just completes it. If only it weren't SO expensive! Available at Opening Ceremony for $460.

Maison Michel for Opening Ceremony Rabbit Beret- I think I honestly saved the best for last! I wiiiiish this little beret wasn't a fortune. $390. Sigh..... well it is amazing. If you look closely, you'll even see that the little bunnies on the hat are trimmed in lace and sequins. Too cute. Available here for $390.

Singer22.com, Net-A-Porter.com, OpeningCeremony.us


  1. that hat with feathers is amazing!

    check out when u have a time ;)


  2. Gotta love hats! They're awesome for bad hair days and when it's raining out. I've been meaning to look for hats. Looks like this is a great place to start. Great inspiration...

    Love Love Love


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  4. The beret is so cute! And I really want a wide-brim hat. :)

  5. amazing selection. thanks for comment. I follow you!


  6. I love hats too, I have a really big collection.

  7. I'm still looking for a decent hat for summer! It can be so nice and fashionable and good protector for the sun ofcourse!

  8. thanks again for your comments on my blog and following me... you girls are wonderful!! this post is amazing because I've been wanting to invest in some hats, so thank you for the inspiration! <3


  9. loving all the hats, although they mostly look weird on me!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  10. Great post! I also have a thing for hats especially when I'm too lazy to style it. :)

  11. These hats are amazing! I don't really wear hats but I think it is so cool when others wear it =)

  12. Oh I love hats! They really are such a great addition to an outfit, that Melissa Odabash one is my favorite.

  13. Ooh yes, hats are my go-to for lazy hair days. My absolute favorite is a 10 cent beret I picked up at an out-of-state garage sale :)

  14. ooohhhhhhhh hats!!! In love with the first one


  15. I adore hats!! That rag and bone one is fabulous... but I have to same I am always partial to a big over the top floppy hat or a cool fedora.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    That Girl in Pearls

  16. Love it! Hats are my favorite. I love fedoras and floppy hats but I really like panama hats too. Women first started wearing them when Coco Chanel wore one. Isn't that awesome? And the reason they call it the Panama hat is because of Teddy Roosevelt wearing one when he went down to the Panama canal. Oh, the things fashion school will teach you lol.


  17. OH YEAH I want that black hat !


    www.coralieslooks.com - FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  18. amazing choice of hats,the first one is fantastic!!!!!

  19. thanks for following :) follwing you back now... also great hat choices i really want a nice wide brimmed hat to channel my inner 70s sister haha


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