Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jewls Fall 11' Beauty Look Picks

New York Fashion Week is like Christmas to me. I get to wake up every morning, brew a pot of coffee, climb back into bed with my cats, and peruse through all the amazing runway shows. It's honestly heaven!! I was particularly blown away by the minimalist make-up that was shown throughout so many of the shows this year. As I am one to often just don a little bit of mascara and a bold lip, I was a huge fan of all the beauty looks for this coming Fall 11'.  But hey, who says we can't make a jump start on these fantastic looks now? I know I am going to!  I am already half way there in my own make-up bag. Check out my top picks from some of my favorite shows below in the collages I have mocked up for you guys. I have also included some of my all time "go to" products that honestly are the best, best, best!  These fabulous products will help you perfectly execute these gorgeous beauty looks from NYFW.  Happy Thursday loves! The weekend is almost here! Let's get gorgeous!

X. Jewls

The perfect bold red lip without that yucky lipstick taste! Oh yeah, and it stays on for hours!

I adored the tiniest bit of teal popping out that Marc Jacobs had going on at his show! So fun and young looking. I have been collecting Urban Decay pencils since I was 16. They really are the best. They don't smudge, clump, or wear off. They literally aren't kidding when they say "24/7". 

Lize has been using everything Fresh for as long as I can remember. She converted me a long time ago. They introduced this Plum color a while back and I have loved it! It's the perfect way to get Missoni's Plum lip while giving your lips the treatment they deserve!

Tons of our favorite top designers had their girls strut down the runway in a nude pink lip for Fall 11'. I personally adore the color as I think it is just about flattering on everyone! Nars has always been one of my top "go to's" for lots of my make-up, especially for lipsticks, cream eyeshadows, blushes, and eyeliners. They truly are unreal. Catfight is just enough nude and just enough pink to not get totally washed out if you're on the fair skinned side like me. ;)

I've been rocking a coral lip for years now. Back when I was red head, it looked amazing with my hair and my skin tone. Now I am having to re-evaluate everything since I went blonde! I really have a huge hatred for that  "taste" you get with some lipsticks, so I often times grab up these fantastic tinted lip balms. I love this one because it's good for my lips, last for ages, and is a killer color! A brilliant way to execute Hakaan's beauty look!

I have been seeing sooooo many amazing green eyeliners getting cranked out by Nars this season. I cannot wait to get my hands on ALL of them! I've been wearing their darker greens for years cause it looks rad with my deep emerald green eyes. This color will be so fun to wear for Spring!

Ok, ladies. This is my newest obsession. I cannot fully begin to explain to you guys how much money I have spent in search of the perfect mascara! Chanel, Nars, Sue Devitt, Fresh, Bobbi Brown, everything Lancome has ever made...  I've bought it all and girls, this is THE ONE! I take my mascara veeeeeeery seriously as it's usually all I wear. My lashes are super long so I can't have any of that clumpy monster stuff going on. I snatched this random one up at Beauty Collecton in West Hollywood a few months ago on a whim, and I swear I'll never wear anything else. I had never even heard of this line before? You don't have to apply too much and it makes your lashes look so amazing, full, and long! If any of you are on the hunt, go buy this one now! I promise you won't regret it. 

I really like the nude creamy eyeshadow that Gucci did for their show. It looks so dewy and fresh. I've never actually tried this look before and am so excited to see how it goes with my new hair color! I usually use creamy eyeshadows as they are less of mess and last longer. This cream color in Summertime from Nars is definitely the best way to get this look!

So this is my newest baby and I've only had it for five days! While Oscar weekend is exhausting for me with work, I do get lots of amaaaaazing gift bags from my boss when she gets home from all the fabulous parties! Lancome and Loreal hosted one of the events she went to and she came home with a MASSIVE bag full of make-up and skin care for me! Yipee!  Included was this awesome Artliner from Lancome that I've been applying on my top lids and it looks unreal. It goes on super thin and stays right in the eye lash line like it's supposed to. Obsessed. I want to go buy it in every other color they have now!

Another massive collection I've had going on for years and years... Chanel eye shadow palletes! When I rarely put eye shadow on, I usually lean towards a light taupe or espresso brown mixed with a light nude. This is a great alternative to the nude Nars cream shadow. These are nice colors to mix around from day into night when you are on the go!

Well there you have it love bugs! Your new and improved make-up bag for Spring into Fall is all right here! I am a full blown product obsessed chick, so I hope you've enjoyed reading this post as much as I have had making it! Kisses!


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  6. I loved the look at Venexiana. You should check it out!
    Love these looks as well.

    I am a NARS addict.

  7. Yay! You've just given me a new shopping list! I'm totally with you on the whole minimalist make-up thing. I'm really looking forward to it. Great post, and thanks for the make-up tips!

  8. heey yeah i'm fine so far thanks!! :) hope you're both too!?
    i love all these different make up dos and especially the eye-do of armani is my favourite!!!
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  12. I love DKNY's look! Nice make-up guide!

  13. I love this post! And what a lovely selection of products... I'm totally loving the darker lips, I bought the NARS Nana lip gloss the other day. It's absolutely amazing, I'll be doing a post about it soon!

    Shell xx

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