Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Days

With Memorial Day approaching and the weather warming up, it's hard to believe it's almost summer. I am so excited! Therefore, I thought I'd throw together a post of photos with my new camera from this past month. From food to fashion, there's a bit of everything in here I guess. Hope you enjoy! XO, Liza

Coffee table
Perfume tray filled to the brim with jewelry of course...
Rocking my Prada turban... it's more in than ever at the moment!
New Rebecca Minkoff bag! So in love with it.
My darling Lily 
My boyfriend's new foosball table. Too bad I'm absolutely awful at playing!
Veggies at the Chicago French Market
My kind of shelf... Gummies and snacks!
Finally warming up outside! 
Outfit details: Anglo American Heart Sunglasses, Rodarte for Target Striped Shirt, Rachel Antonoff Tap Shorts

French Macarons. One of my favorites.
Beautiful Chicago


  1. Love these pics, especially the ones on the balcony. You look so pretty!

  2. loveeeee this!!!

    kisses abloggerblogsfashion.blogspot.com

  3. Are those pics taken from your apartment? My dad works at that green glass building--555 Wacker. In fact, his view looks right out at the river and exactly where you were standing!

  4. awe, I love your sunglasses!

  5. YUM! i really want gummie bears now... and those candles in the first photo are the best! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. What a great set of photos - loving your new handbag, and your turban, so cute!! x

  7. lovley pics!the view of chicago as i see it is amazing!so jealous!

  8. Wonderful post!!Well done my dear!! :)

    PS:What a nice baaag!


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