Monday, August 30, 2010

Liza's Best and Worst of the Emmy Awards

So this may have been the first year I haven't watched the Emmy Awards. I always tune into the red carpet and watch at least half of the actual ceremony, but this year I was too busy eating steak tacos Angel made for me and organizing our new apartment. Hahahaha. Whoops! Well even though I missed the show, I made sure to check all my favorite gossip and fashion sites for the latest updates on what everyone was wearing! I wasn't super impressed sad to say, but I did pick out my best and worst dressed of the night. Here they are below! So sorry blog updates have been slacky this past month. September will definitely be better. I promise! XO, Liza

Best Dressed

Rose Byrne in Gucci- Favorite favorite of the night. So understatedly sexy and chic. Although she is pale, the white still works on her as she has a subtle glow.

How amazing is the back of the dress too?

Diana Agron in Carolina Herrera- I must say... I never have been too crazy about Carolina Herrera's designs. This though I love! So beautiful and sweet. Totally suits adorable Diana from Glee. Two thumbs up!

Jewel in Zuhair Murad- It is definitely on the girly side with the bow beneath the bust and the floral sequin design... but it is very very pretty. Her simple hair and earrings too complete the look.

Claire Danes in Armani Prive- STUNNING! Claire looks like an absolute goddess in this dress. It hugs her body perfectly and although it is sparkles galore, it's not tacky at all. Her makeup is beautiful and her hair is even better. Second runner up after Rose Byrne.

Worst Dressed

Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen- Ugh. Some people loved this, but I personally think it is terrible. The color is pretty, but the sleeves are way too much, especially with that deep v and her boobs popping out. Kinda tacky.

Naya Rivera in Simin- The worst of the night. First of all, what is with that hairdo? I am all for high buns on top of the head, but this one is monster size. Fine for Lady Gaga, but not for the Emmy Awards. The dress too is just yucky. Looks like a cheap cheesy prom dress, especially with that high slit and the flower on it.

Lauren Graham in Yigel Azrouel- Boo. I adore Lauren Graham and I usually love Yigel, but this does not work for me. It is just way too blousy on the chest and it does absolutely nothing for her.

Heidi Klum in Dior- Wow. Really? I know she wants to show off her body since she popped out a baby not too long ago, but this is BEYOND short! There is short and then there is SHORT. This is just embarrassing. She might as well be wearing a tube top.


  1. I looooved Claire Danes too! So pretty. And totally could not handle Christina Hendricks, I love her curves, but she looked twice her size! wtf? and the feathers coming up off of her arms make me think of dead birds. Don't get it. -Allison

  2. What about January Jones? Love it (although some people hated it)

  3. Rose Byrne was my favorite of the evening as well! Her sexy gown blew all of those frumpy "prom dresses" right out of the water.

  4. Totally agree Allison! Jenny, I would have liked January's if it were one length. The color was beautiful, but wasn't too crazy about the actual dress. Her hair too didn't suit her gown. Jacqueline, could not agree more! Thanks for reading guys!

    XO, Liza and Jewls


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