Friday, September 3, 2010

My Runaway to Europe Outfit.

I am craving some travel and I am super inspired by everything that is coming out for fall. I'm so ready to just buy a whole new wardrobe, pack up, and bust. I miss layering, I miss autumn, and I miss seasons in general. Time to plan a trip with my Lize. :) I think I am in a dreamy mood today. Ah well, I guess that is a good thing. Hope you are all having a great Friday! X. Jewls

My runaway to Europe outfit.

Alexander wang Hooded Pouch Sweater, $390


  1. Lize, I had to throw the Wang backpack in there for you. Loveu. ;)


  2. LOVE MY ELAINE. This outfit is perfect.

  3. I relly like your blog! Please take a look at mine (:
    - Hope you want to follow me back!


  4. Hey Freja,

    Just checked out your blog! It's great! We are following and supporting now. Good work on everything considering you're just 14!! Rock and roll babe!! Your style is awesome! ;) Hope you are well!

    Xoxo, Jewls and Liza

  5. I love the idea of autumn more that the reality. Red leaves, lighting candles and hot chocolate.. bliss. In reality, just a lot of raining and wet feet... still, that outfit is adorable and might just inspire me to start planning for autumn this minute..

  6. loving those ld tuttle boots, i own a pair - so hard to find low heel otk boots.

  7. Threesmallapples, I love that my little "lack of real seasons" living in LA rant has inspired you to jump start into the Fall Season. ;) Lize and I have always lived for it. Typical Chicago girls. Autumn is such a stunningly beautiful time there (on the days when it isn't raining).

    Divinitus, I am dyyyying for these boots. It's hard to pull of a high high high thigh high boot without looking a little "trashy", in my opinion, so these looked so fabulous to me. The matte texture of them, the low heel.... so chic without being over the top. Utterly bad ass and cute all at the same time! Live for it.

    Both of you, thanks for reading!! Hope you're well!


    Jewls and Lize


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