Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Worst Dressed of the Day: The Kardashian Sisters

K, so I always do "Best Dressed" posts, so I figured I would do a worst dressed one when I saw this picture on one of the gossip blogs this morning. Wow. I don't know where to begin with these three! YIKES! I'll admit it... their show on E! is entertaining because they are such brats and always have crazy escapades and fights going on. But lately, the get ups these girls have been sporting are well... just bad. Kourtney here looks gorgeous, but her outfit is horrendous. If you are gonna wear leopard, stick to one piece. Wearing a leopard coat AND shoes looks ridiculous. Khloe I think is the best out of the three, but I am not sure those leggings are flattering on her. And finally with Kim... Oy. She is beyond busting out of that coat! It draws attention to her chest in a very bad way. The dress underneath it looks cute... She should have just worn that alone with a cool statement necklace or something. Ahh... I would love to get my hands on these outfits to change them up. Not sure their stylist is doing her job! On the other hand though, their makeup looks beautiful and fresh. Kudos to whoever did that. Anyways, Happy December 1st! It was snowing here this morning, so I think I'll be laying around in my big Wildfox sweatshirt and cable knit leggings all day with Angel. Hope you are all having a great week. Can't wait to show you my best dressed of the week for Friday. It's a good one! XO, Liza

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