Monday, April 25, 2011

Jewls and Liza's Shorts and Skirts Selections for Spring/Summer

I don't know about you guys, but I find a sense of urgency once May looms nearer to re-vamp my skirt and shorts collection for spring. Sure, sure... Lize and I have some cute ones on hand, but we need some new pieces to inspire new ensembles and ease us into the spring and summer months. It's so typical to feel completely overwhelmed by the saturated websites during these months. Ugly shorts, after ugly skirt... where to find the good ones???  With a full time job, who has time to run out to a boutique anymore, let alone to several to search for the perfect piece?  Well, never fear... as usual, Lize and I have no issue rounding up an awesome crop of beautiful pieces to chose from. We've got laser eyes for this and after all, it is what we live for. We decided to split this little project in half. Lize was on short duty and I was on skirt patrol. To tie it all together with one of our favorite trends that is here to stay this season, we have included some carefully picked darling socks.  We have selected both over the knee and ankle length so that there is something for everyone.  You truly can't go wrong with this cute little foot accessory. People honestly underestimate the power of a colorful sock peeking out from under a heel, wedge, bootie, platform, or saddle shoe. They can be such a lovely little surprise to an outfit in such an innocent, cutting edge way. Try it!  K loves, take a peek below and let us know which piece is your favorite! Happy Monday!

PS: We have reached over 500 followers! We both want to thank each and every one of our readers, new and old, for your continued support! We love you!  Look forward to our first giveaway in May to celebrate! It's gonna be a fantastic one. You know we'd never let you down. Our taste is too good. Unfortunate for our checking accounts. ;)

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X. Jewls and Liza

Jewls Skirt Picks:

Stummer Plum Pleat Leather Skirt, $429. Nuts, but this is my splurge skirt. Have you ever seen such a gorgeous color?! Come on. This is unreal. Paired with a gorgeous little sleeveless lace collared blouse, sheer knee high socks and pumps, and my hair braided around my head for a night out in the summer. Forget it! Obsessed.
Steven Alan Georgia Skirt, $198. Nothing is more come hither than a darling little preppy skirt. It's innocent but also very in control at the same time. Every girl should have one of these in her closet. I am in love with this print.
 Pendelton Meets Opening Ceremony Flared Skirt, $365.  I would pair this skirt with a white unitard, hair down, wavy and messy, huge glasses, a straw sun hat and gladiator sandals. Done. Off for a picnic in the hills. It's the perfect picnic look.
Vena Cava Monarchy Skirt, $435. I had to throw at least one maxi in here as I have the hardest time finding ones that I like. I know it's pricey, but I feel like I would be wearing this piece 20 years from now. It is a classic and transcends age and trend. You could pair it with any top and it would look gorgeous. 
Vintage Gypsy Rose Skirt, $75. I love that it comes in nude too. The construction is awesome. I want both of these. I just may scoop both up seeing as you really can't beat the price! 

Jewls Sock Picks:

Hansel from Basel Sheer Floral Anklet, $14.00. I collect Hansel from Basel socks like candy. It's all I wear.
Sol Mate Cosmo Socks, $14.00. Ok, there is NOTHING that these wouldn't go with! So fun for spring and they would match everything!
Asos Wool Cable Over the Knee Sock, $10.76. These are genius for those freezing nights when you want something warm on your legs, but really want to be rocking a pair of shorts or a skirt to show off your legs! These wool socks are the perfect sexy go to and are completely year round!

 Asos Bow and Dot Pink Ankle Sock, $7.17. Could these little pink babies get any cuter? I am actually obsessed with them against the brown wedge t-strap sandal. I may need to emulate that.
I love the little bow.

Liza's Shorts Picks:

D & G Gingham Tap Shorts, $165. These little bloomer esque shorts are too cute! I love the gingham print and the sweet ruffles and bows on the bottom. Perfect summer shorts if you ask me...
RunawayDreamz Vintage Pink/Purple Studded Shorts, $158. These are beyond 80's, but I am kind of obsessed! I love the acid wash and the little rips. I live in cut-offs during the summer, so I just might have to grab these!

Suno Godet Print Shorts, $255. Made of 100 % silk, these are the perfect pair of shorts for going out to a nice dinner. I'd pair these with a sheer t-shirt or tank, a lacy bra, and those new Jeffrey Campbell Suebee Wedges!
Timo Weiland Knit Shorts, $253. How frigin' sweet are these little shorts? Timo Weiland always kills it and these shorts are well.... killer!
LOVE the bows.

Opening Ceremony Sailor Shorts, $265. Opening Ceremony has a huge selection of amazing shorts this year, but I think these have to be my favorite pair. Would totally put these with a striped t-shirt, dainty ankle socks, and nude sandal wedges.

Liza's Sock Picks:

Topshop Blue Heart Ankle Socks, $8. I always love printed socks, so I had to throw these in. They would look particularly cute with some Mary Janes.
Hansel from Basel Puff Crew Socks, $20. Basic, yet adorable. 
Missoni Zigzag Above the Knee Socks, $58. Missoni knee socks? Yes please! These would look fabulous with shorts or a skirt any day!
Antipast Bee in the Rain Socks, $40. Love Antipast's selection of socks. These ones are so cute.


  1. Heey *-*
    your blog is very cute! Is lovely...
    Thank's for uor visit!!

    I follow you too! =)

    Bye Bye... *-*

  2. Totally love this post. I have a thing for over-the-knee socks and shorts/skirts. Love the gypsy rose skirt. Asymmetrical skirts can be tricky sometimes, but they look great!

  3. Wow, now you have me considering buying over-the-knee socks! What a cute look!

  4. you guys have great eyes for this sort of thing. the pendelton skirt is wow! and the cut of the vintage gypsy skirts are amazing. missoni knee socks, the perfect marriage of two loves!

  5. Love it all, how in the world will you pick what to buy?!

    I nominated you for an award, check it out! :)

  6. I love those 2 skirts that are short in the front and long in the back, especially the neutral one. Great list!

  7. love this post! thanks for the heads up on the sheer hansel from basel socks... such a cool concept!

    xoxo, aimee

    SwellMayde Giveaway

  8. Ok, how brilliant would the wool socks be for how freezing it suddenly gets in LA every night? Looove that. And those bunchy Gingham shorts, Lize, adooooorable.

  9. Loving those socks!!

    Monique xx

  10. I love the D&G ones!!!
    great selection


  11. Wow, fantastic picks! My favorite is the Steven Alan girls have great taste :)

  12. Hello there from Albania! Congrats on your blog, I really love your posts and the issues! The pics are lovely! I personally love skirts and shorts, they are so girlie and fashionable! I have tons of skirts and never get bored of them, want more more more, but need more shorts, this is a MUST in my list book for this summer! I'm following you of course! If you like to check on my blog and why not follow me back:
    xoxo Kiki

  13. i want that plum leather skirt!!!

  14. i want every single one of those skirts (except the really pleated one... i don't do pleated minis like that very well). GREAT picks, great post, and great blog! congrats on the milestone!! <3shelby

  15. love the prints on the socks and the colors of the shorts! inspired!


    kisses from Paris~

  16. what a great selection, girls! i mostly like the shorts by!
    thanks for sharing. i got inspired!

  17. I do the same thing.. I've been on the hunt for new winter knits for too long now.. oops.

    Loving your picks, I had been eying up that strummer skirt, but yep a little pricey!

  18. Those pink/purple shorts are sooooo cute! :D


  19. OMG love all these things! Especially the first leather skirt = to.die.for!!


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