Monday, April 18, 2011

Shoot of the Day: Perfect Spring/Summer Whites

I crave "all white" ensembles when it starts to get warm out. Well, I live in Los Angeles so that's all the time I guess, but don't let the weather fool you out here. It is seriously chilly at night until we officially hit spring. I love nothing more than laying out by the pool all day, taking a quick shower, braiding my hair all the way around my head, rubbing lotion all over myself, and wearing a loose fitting head to toe white ensemble to juxtapose my newly sun kissed skin. I mean, what is sexier than that? This shoot for Elle UK this month shows exactly what I am talking about and Vanessa Hegelmaier is one of my favorite models. Isn't she stunning? I love how Matthias Vriens-McGrath shot her with her hair messy and hardly any make-up on. Perfection. Mascara and lip gloss, baby... That's all ya need with a light tan! Spring, here I come! Happy Monday darlings! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

X. Jewls

This Dolce & Gabbana dress killlllls me.
This skirt!!! Can you stand it??? So beautiful!

Styled by: Anne-Marie Curtis


  1. If I wasn't such a food grub, I'd totally commit to wearing all white ensembles....

  2. this whole shoot is stunning. the styling is so beautifully done. every single piece used is amazing.

  3. wonderful, love this photos!

  4. im not a big fan of long skirts becausee they make me look weird! ;p but i lovee wearing white though :) hopee youu have a great week! xoxo

  5. I gave you an award, come a check it out.

  6. Love your blog ;)

    I'm following you, I hope you follow me back <3


  7. all white has never looked so goood! the lace and structured pieces are all perfect in their own right. flawless


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