Saturday, November 13, 2010

Only Cute Sweaters Allowed...

Ok, so it is officially "cold" in LA... Meaning it is "nippy". Regardless, in my past four years of living here, I have found that my sweaters become my winter jackets all season long. I need a lot of variety and I am in dire need of a new slew of perfectly plucked little pieces! It's crucial, so here are my top picks. Lize and I both tend to always go from one extreme to another... Mixing our lady-like elegance with our rock punk experimental edge. I feel my picks below show a perfect range of exactly that. Hope you are all doing fantastic and have a wonderful weekend!

X. Jewls

My top pick. Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Soldier Sweater. I would wear this until it fell apart.

The stripes in the back? The tuxedo tailoring? Ugh, it murders me...

Rachel Comey Twofer Cardigan.

My second favorite pick. Edun Drape Side Cardigan. This piece is exquisite in every way. The folds and the sheerness of the wool. I cannot get enough. It executes that perfect slouchy/sexy that I pretty much always do.

So killer.

Another Vivienne Westwood Gold Label. So stunning.

Karen Walker Loopy Cardigan. Ahhh, it's like a little lamb! Lize, you need this.

Rachel Comey Eyelash Swing Top Sweater. This is so sweet and little girlish. Gotta have a few of these laying around.

Kimberly Ovitz Hendron Leather Cardigan. Bad ass, innovative, and sort of jailbird. I am definitely into this one. Love it.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Mongolia Knitwear Sweater. So King Kong! I love this! Ah, with little black tap shorts, sheer tights and a killer boot?!?! Hell yeah! I love this piece.

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  1. Jewls,

    I am obsessed with that lamb-esque Karen Walker... did you see the price though?? YIKES!!! :(


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