Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Item of the Day: Osborn Shoes

So how chic and refreshing are these little babies? Aaron Osborn launched his shoe line in 2009 out of Guatemala after meeting an out of work cobbler while doing charitable work there. He was inspired and decided to make a collection of handcrafted shoes outside of the city in the volcanic mountains (sounds awesome... I want to go work there?!?!) The company consists of 20 shoe makers and each pair of shoes are signed by whoever made them. That makes for a pretty personal shoe! I live for it! These shoes are beyond adorable and the patterns are endlessly darling. Check out my top picks below and to see more go to OsbornDesign. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

X. Jewls

Black Velvet Booties

I love the little polka dots on these.

Electric Blue Wool Booties

I can't pick a favorite! I need them all!

Velvet Jazzies. So sweet. I love these.

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