Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kate Bosworth Obsession Part 2

OK, it is no lie that she is one of my quiet little favorites. She reminds me of me with her long drawn out relationships and just the few close girlfriends that she holds dear. Her style has progressed into such an effortless chicness over the years and she has stayed classy this whole time while others have fallen off the wagon... I hate to name them but you guys can guess who. Here are some snaps to enjoy of our favorite little cutie.

X. Jewls

The famous FENDI coat.

The CHANEL that I will never get over.


This photo is so sweet... I kind of can't deal with how cute they were. 

Liza and I would so rock this on the left.

This is just from the other night at BAR MARMONT. Love this piece.

Ok, screw anyone who doesn't like this. I DO!

Miu Miu. I adore this picture for some reason. Look at her sweet little face.

1 comment:

  1. God you are so right! She's adorable, def my girl crush.


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