Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paris Fashion Week

OK, I have been nuts busy this past month between getting whisked away to NYC to be proposed to by John (eek!)... coming back to LA for one day and then flying back across the country to Atlanta to record new music... that I am just now really getting a chance to peel through Paris Fashion Week F/W 2010... I have to say, it's knocking NYC fashion week on it's butt.

 My picks from LANVIN, RICK OWENS AND BALENCIAGA. I must say Comme De Garcone looked like a bunch of fat suits from Mrs. Doubtfire and Balmain is losing his touch... very monotonous. But these looks I am loving. Let us all begin the most important discussions of the year... PARIS FASHION WEEK! LOVE!

X. Jewls

The LANVIN dress that stole my heart. I need this to live.

LANVIN. Love this jacket.

LANVIN again.



LANVIN fur. Does not get better than this.

RICK OWENS. Cocoon jacket. I adore this.


BALENCIAGA. There is something so inexplicably fresh about this.



BALENCIAGA. Give me this sweater this second. So darling.


My favorite RICK OWENS look.

BALENCIAGA. Ok, I know the print is nuts, but look past it into the construction of this suit! LADY KILLER!

Mmmm okay. This is a tie for first RICK OWENS pick.

The series of BALENCIAGA shoes begins. Get ready to start crying.

How are these even possible?! I die.

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