Friday, June 25, 2010

Outfit Post: WildFox Sample Sale

So after not getting much sleep last night at ALL, I still dragged myself out of bed this morning to the Wildfox sample sale downtown at the Cooper Building. I wanted to arrive before the madness started rolling in. As Lize and I have been loving this line for quite some time, I was sure I would find some cute pieces to snatch up. I grabbed two darling sweatshirts and an amazing tank in all four styles. Hahahaha. I will do outfit posts of all, don't fret. :) The two girls working the showroom were insanely sweet and I loved meeting them. After getting home, taking a shower and trying to wake up a bit... I threw on one of my new tanks and grabbed my other two new items.... MY BABY KITTENS! Omar and Bellatrix. I believe they will get along with the tiger on my tank. ;) Happy Friday guys! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

X. Jewls

Three cats in a row...

Omar is roaring like a tiger in this picture. HAHA! And smacking me in the face. Hilarious. Bells is just happy to be snuggling.

My top from their collection lookbook.

I love this model. She is so cute.

Ice Cream Sweatshirt. Guess "my lay around at home in old dance wear look" went along with their campaign theme. Haha.


  1. aawwwww, the three kitties in a row... cute! :)

  2. Thanks Kazuko. :) yah, i am pretty obsessed. They are the sweetest little kittens in the world. Thanks for reading!


    Jewls and Liza

  3. love the cat, love the ice cream shirt :)

  4. Yo girlll! I'm planning on hitting up a wildfox sample sale this friday and was wondering what the price points are?

    thanks! xx chelsea


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