Monday, June 14, 2010

Item of the Day: House of Holland Color Clear Acetate Sunglasses

To wear or not to wear the new House of Holland acetate sunglasses?

Finally available on , these little babies are priced at $190. I may have a very bizarre taste in sunglasses and the stranger the better for me, but these are definitely on my summer list of sunglasses to grab . They are costumey and fun and I love that they are literally all plastic!!! I want the pink ones. Super cute and what a fresh idea?!?! Thoughts everyone? Happy Monday. ;)

X. Jewls


My favorite color.

Total bumble bee. Haha.


  1. i'm gonna have to see a pic of these on someone, i can't make up my mind yet!

  2. Bahahahah I will hunt one down for you, Ben!

  3. WOW So fashionableeee! XO
    Where is house of holland in my country whereeeee!!!!XP
    I'll found it!

  4. Hey Malu, thanks for reading :) I think it is always best to just order online and pay the little extra for shipping. Items like these are so obscure that they almost never go into the stores.. and if they do, there are usually only a few that the owners buy to sell in the store as to save money-- click on the link in my text in the above post "" and it will take u straight to the link where u can buy the glasses. ;)

    xoxo. Jewls


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