Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Outfit Post: On the Edge of the Sun

Jewls and I accidentally slept in late, so I guess I'm finally getting over my jet lag! With a long list of errands to do, we scrambled to get dressed and start our day. After a pit stop at Coffee Bean and a trip to the grocery store, I decided to go to work with my best friend for a bit. As the sun was setting over an amazing view of Los Angeles, what better time to squeeze in a quick shoot? ;) XO, Liza

Anglo American Heart Sunglasses
Vintage Cropped Knit Sweater
Vintage Brown Suede Skirt
Jean Paul Barriol Leather Boots
Various Necklaces

Illesteva Sunglasses
Pencey Metallic Wrap Cardigan
Rozae Nichol Silk Camisole
Riller and Fount Drop Harem Pants
Kelsi Dagger Studded Sandals


  1. loved the jumper, loved the shades, those wicked boots and the hair in braids.... the barette cutie cutie too but i couldn't think of a word to rhyme with it x

  2. love it. the sunglasses and vintage pieces are amazing!

  3. The 1rst! picture!
    Delicious! The light is the best! love it to make romantic photos!
    And the serious look with this hearted sunglases are TOOMUCH!

  4. Thanks Guys! Hope you're all well. Mwa!


    Jewls and Liza


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