Friday, February 4, 2011

Outfit Post: Off Into The Hills We Go...

After a long day of shopping and a yummy lunch, we threw ourselves together and jumped up into the hills for Scott's second birthday celebration!!! I love partying on Thursdays because it kick starts my weekend. Ha! All my best friends in one room, blasting music, and dancing all night... It was honestly kind of epic. Now if only I can get it to keep dumping snow in Chicago so that Liza can't get back home! Mwahahahaha. Happy Friday babies!

X. Jewls

ACNE Dress
Dolce Vita Wedges
Various Necklaces and Rings

Vintage Pink Satin Blouse
Lucca Black Shorts
Green Tights
Sam Edelman Boots


  1. Love, love the Acne dress.. especially that it's kinda "see through"!! And of course I love the vintage Pink Blouse!!!

  2. Julianas Acne dress is stunning! Liza: that blouse and green tights...can I have? :-)


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