Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Girl to Watch: Gillian Zinser

I am constantly feeling like I am running low on girls my age that inspire me with their natural style. I spend hours and hours searching through the masses of blogs that saturate blogspot these days, yet no one really seems to do outfit posts of good old streetstyle anymore.  Everything seems to be a bit provoked and planned except for Rumi from Fashiontoast... and check her out... she's got the number one blog because people live for it!  It's become clear that readers want to relate to a person's real streetstyle, where they are, what they are doing, what they wore there... the whole bit! It's like being their real friend. It's nice to be able to identify, relate, and somewhat respect someone for their natural ability to "throw an ensemble" together. So last night when I was cruising through streetstyle photos, I came across Gillian wearing a sequin moo moo. Um, are you kidding me? I laughed out loud and exclaimed to myself "God! Finally! Someone wearing something with some character!"  John laughed at me and said "Oh, what now?! What did you find?" Peering over my Mac, he agreed with my newfound love for her. He completely gets my weird sense of fashion. If he didn't, I probably wouldn't be marrying him! Hahaha. Since I don't watch the TV show, I learned by checking out her bio that she is the newest character "Ivy" on 90210.  So hooray even more! Another actress having a little bit of model off the runway flare... rare to find and I am into it! So far there are really only about six outfits photographed of Gillian, but I will be searching for more and keeping you guys updated. She is gorgeous and totally experimental without care and a certain flare that has me staring and wanting more!  PS: her hair is to die for! Can we talk about that? I have been craving going blonde for some time now... these may just be the photos that send me over the edge to go in and DO IT once and for all! ;) Hope you're all fab! Kisses!

X. Jewls

Perfection. Head to toe. I live for this.
I normally hate leopard print anything, but these pants are precious with this get up. Love it. Her upper body looks killer in that uni too. And what are those necklaces? They're fabulous.
The skirt. The purse. Amazing.
My second favorite look. This cloak is so bad ass.
A fur with painter jeans? Yes, I will be emulating this look fuhhuuursure.
Love the pink in her hair. Reminds me of when mine was pink! And who knots a dress like that? So unique!
Look at that face! SHE IS SO PRETTY!!
Total goon goof ball. My kind of girl. ;)
 I say plaid is OK worn like this!!! She looks sick here.
This is borderline MK. Still adore it though.
The sunglasses, that hood, the Doc Martens. This is not unlike what I was wearing yesterday.
Love how these jean shorts come down in the middle. Rad.
What is this incredible cover up? I need it in my wardrobe immediately!


  1. winter kate

  2. Nice!!! Thanks for the ID, love! Hope ur well!

    Xx. Jewls and Lize

  3. very well done blog
    i'm a fan!


  4. I love her style, want her wardrobe x


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