Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Live For It Valentine's Day Gift Guide- Men's Edition

As Valentine's Day looms closer and closer, every girl is faced with the daunting task of finding something that isn't too cheesy for her man.  Liza and I are both with edgier guys as we have always shied away from the overly preppy J Crew look. With that being said, finding interesting garbs for our boys can sometimes be difficult. Below I have collected a few of my favorite looks and gifts for the upcoming holiday! Hope you enjoy browsing! 

X. Jewls

Petar Petrov Leonid Zip Hoodie. This is so hot. I love it. I know my man would adore this. He lives in hoodies and likes it when he finds ones where the construction is a little off and different. This Petar is a perfect example! Agh, I might need to scoop this up for him especially now that it is on sale from $405 to $203. Available here.
Art of Shaving Lavender Kit. Ok, I don't know if any of you ladies have smelled these products, but they are unreal! So yummy to snuggle up to in your man's neck at the end of the day! Available here for $25!
Aquiesse Boardwalk Candle. John and I go for monthly runs to Candle Delirium over on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood and literally blow hundreds of dollars on our favorite candles. They are like products to us. Our house always smells so good though and it's so worth it! His ABSOLUTE favorite is this boardwalk scent. He lights it at his desk everyday and itt burns for 100 hours so you really get your money's worth! Available here for $36.
Kris Van Assche Knit Beanie. As we know, edgy boys are always on a hunt for the perfect saggy black beanie for those bad hair days. Thick knits don't work on boys as they look too poofy. This one is perfection and I love the side horizontal knitting. Very unique! It's $155, but considering how much my man throws his on, I wouldn't mind springing for this. Call me crazy, but it's hard to find the right one!!! Available here.
Bulgari Aqua Cologne. Alright, alright... this may be my favorite just cause John wears it... but I swear this is the best smelling cologne ever. I have chronic migraines and hate pretty much every scent cause they trigger my headaches (boo), so to find a light fresh clean scent is like finding gold to me! Available here for $68.
Rochas Cologne. This is what Liza's man, Angel wears. It's more of a sweet scent. She loves it of course, but at least we both can refer these scents with our personal experience with them! Available here for $44.
Chrishaban Triangle Necklace. Ahhh, now onto men's jewelry. This is oh so hard to find. I feel like everything is either blinged out or Harley Davidson motorcycle looking.  There is rarely an in between that is affordable. John loves to layer silver pieces with cool trinkets, but is very picky as men's jewelry is so personal and more of statement than women's. I totally get that. So here I found this awesome piece that I will definitely be scooping up for him! So fab! Available here for $88.
Cardboard Robot Bullet Necklace. This is bad ass and only $15 dollars!!! Love it!  Available here.
EP Carter Sunglasses. With most guys... sunglasses end up getting sat on in the car. Hahahaha. I picked these because they are chic, but super cheap.  That way if your man sits on them, you don't end up in an argument! Available here for $10.
Comune Black zip wallet. I love this for a less preppy choice and it won't break your bank. Available here for $32.
Kris Van Assche High Tops. John and pretty much most of my closest guy friends rock dope high tops. These are a nice high end variation on the Nike Dunk. I am sort of obsessed and they're on sale from $476 to $196!!! Available here.

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