Sunday, February 20, 2011

Outfit Post: Sister Sister Switch-A-Roo

Hello all my gorgeous readers. Those of you who have been reading my posts for the past two years know that I have been dying to take the plunge and go blonde, well, for about two years now!!! This past weekend I went for it! Then funny enough, my naturally blonde sister decided to come in and take on my natural color... red!!! So a "sister switch" of the decade went down. My incredible hairstylist, Verina, spent five hours a piece on a us and gave us the exact colors we were hoping for! I wanted a fun light honey blonde with a little bit of a punky edge and Allison wanted a nice light cinnamon cherry red. Here are the pictures as promised below. Enjoy! Happy Sunday loves!

X. Jewls

Juliana's Accessories:

All bracelet stacks: Shashi, available at Max and Chloe
1920's Emerald and Opal Cocktail Ring
Brass Peace Sign Ring
Chanel Lucite Confetti Ring
Noir, Emerald Stone and Pink Lucite Chanel Stacked Rings
My brother's Initial Monogrammed Gold Ring
RGB Oxblood Nail Polish, available at RGBcosmetics
Liza and I have a huge collection going. All their colors are sick sick sick amazing!

Allison's Accessories:

Chanel Green Crystal Charm Heart Necklace
1882 Gold Coin Pendant Necklace
Agate Lariat Necklace (made by me)
Gold Key Charm Necklace
Gold Monogrammed Cuff
1940's Belgium Cameo Ring 
1920's Rectangular ring from Kosova
See Eyeglasses
Chanel Black Pearl Nail Polish


Vintage Rabbit Fur Jacket
Kristensen Du Nord Chiffon and Cashmere Trim Cardigan
Cecilia Bucourt Embellished Chain Scarf
John's Black Wife Beater Tank
Love Yaya Black Leather Pants
Chanel Quilted Chain Purse
Rock and Republic Braiden Black Pumps


Max Azria Sweater Coat
Bordeaux Dress
LNA Black Leggings
Prada Boots
Rebecca Minkoff Handbag

Aaaaaaaand.... Just for fun!!!! A pre-dye photo below of our natural colors so that you guys can see the drastic switch!!!


  1. ok

    1. both your hair colors turned out AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!

    2. i D-I-E over your vintage chanel

    3. loooove your fur coat


    4. hello how cute are your sisters glasses?!?

  2. Why thank you, friend! See eyewear has the best, and surprisingly affordable, glasses. Yum yum. And who doesn't love a little Chanel? :)

  3. Gorgeous colors! And I also love your accessories! I've never dyed my hair ever. I still haven't taken that plunge. Lol. But maybe some red highlights in the near future. Lol. Cool post!

  4. Amazing photos!I Follow!:)


  5. wow, both of you are gorgeous, great style!!
    let's be friend and following each other, cheer yaa ;)

  6. Hi!! thanks for your coment! :D
    noce pictures! all of you are so pretty!!!

  7. beautiful sisters with beautiful locks. :)

  8. wow i love all of these photos, you guys are gorgeous. i love the fur!


  9. loooooove the photos!!! Beautiful smiles
    bisous marilia&christina

  10. Your new hair color looks great! And the cinamon suits you sister als well. Very good decisions!

  11. I love your hair colour and your trousers! Thanks for the wonderful comment, new post up!

  12. I love your new hair they look gorgeous, both of you have such gorgeous long hair aswell, Im so jealous! Loving the blog I've followed, maybe take a look at mine? :) Aly xx

  13. LOVE the new color! So exciting and love all the accessories as well!

  14. So cute! Fun to find your blog. xxxx Emily of EL Vintage

  15. Loving all of your accessories!

  16. your hair is to die for, it looks so smooth and perfect, the color is very nice, well done!xx

  17. I am LOVING those leather pants..way to rock them!! Great outfits as always :)

  18. Great outfits! Especially the first one!

  19. Gorgeous!
    I want to dye my hair so bad, but it grows so fast... :(

  20. You both have such fabulous hair to begin with, and your stylist did an amazing job changing the colour for you. Your blonde is especially impressive because your hair is so, so enviably long :) The results are gorgeous!

  21. Hello beautiful!I love yours outfit! Come to my blog and tell me what do you think.. I accept the criticism!
    Excuse my English!


  22. Beautiful, both of you!!!


  23. You are both soooo pretty and have amazing clothes. Great photography too! check my blog out xxx

  24. the two of you look so gorgeous!! the hair color is amazing dears

  25. Love your new colors! You both have beautiful hair.

  26. You girls are adorable! Love the red and blonde hair, leather pants, and the white fur! Amazing!


  27. Beautiful hair colors! Blonde looks very good on you and red looks awesome on your sister! You hairstylist is very talented!

    Happy I found your blog (thanks to your comment on mine), now following you ^^
    Blonde Rose

  28. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower :) I'm now following you guys too! And I love the hair switches! They both look fab, and in really good condition! Great job :) x

  29. Both of your hair looks absaloutly gorgeous, the shades are just perfet for your skin tones.
    The rings are beatiful too; and those leather trousers are hot, envious! haha
    p.s. thanks for the follow :)

  30. you girls have a killer style! i love it!



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