Friday, November 13, 2009

Website Spotlight: Creatures of Comfort

Creatures of Comfort is by far my favorite store in all of LA for simple but interesting basics. Located on Melrose being a total hole in the wall, it can sometimes be overlooked. The website is completely delicious and like most of the best stores out here, a lot of it goes to clearance because no one really understands how amazing it all is. Here below are a few pieces I am lusting after at the moment.

X. Jewls

Alexander Wang Oil Slick Cardigan. I live for this.

VPL Faux Fur Jacket. An easy staple. I love the sleeves in the back.

Zucca Harem Pants

Peter Jensen. I love cute constructional twists on t shirts. Peter Jensen and Burfitt are great at executing just that. This is a precious take on a little boys t-shirt.

Arielle de Pinto Ruffle Gold Mesh Bracelet. Fab for a stack when I'm feeling over-the-top with accessories.

Diana Orving Silk Trousers

Zucca Cut-Out Sweater Dress

Karen Walker Long Sleeve Tee. I am obsessed with tuxedo tails, so naturally this would be a classic basic for me in every color imaginable. Karen Walker has humor and a great sense of construction to a T as simple as this one. I live for it.

1 comment:

  1. That is creepy.. I almost bought that VPL piece a few months ago, but it was too expensive for what it was. Marge matte..hahahaha.


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