Monday, November 30, 2009

My Favorite Bracelet- Carolina Bucci "Lucky"

As I usually have a bunch of bracelets on my left wrist that I never take off, I decided to add a new addition to the collection a few months ago. Cue Carolina Bucci. Born in Florence, Italy, Bucci's family has been in the jewelry business since 1885. She was obviously destined to study the art of it, as she did so in New York before she opened a store in London in 2007. The piece I first took notice of and had to have was her "Lucky" bracelet. Carolina has said they are inspired by the friendship bracelets she used to trade on the beach with friends when she was little... Only these ones are a little more grown up, done in 18 kt yellow, white, and rose gold woven with silk. They simply just knot, so there is no need for a clasp or anything. In 16 different colors all with different charms, it can be kind of hard to choose which one to get, as they are all beautiful. I believe at the moment they are for sale on Astley- Clarke's website. Check them out, as well as the rest of Carolina Bucci's jewelry. It is GORGEOUS! XO, Liza

Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen both wearing the bracelet


  1. I Love these bracelets! And the lucky necklaces too. They are beautiful and so cool,

  2. these are amazing! akk of her jewellery is so unique. great blog x


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